Archive: August 2022

scrapping a car

Parts shortages could be fuelling illegal car scrapping

We’re all still dealing with the after-effects of Covid to some extent – but unfortunately, increasing numbers of car owners ...

31st Aug, 2022

clean air zones

Has the Manchester Clean Air Zone gone up in smoke?

Well, not quite. Let’s be honest, we all know the entire saga has dragged on for quite some time now. ...

31st Aug, 2022

Have mercy on children (and other early motoring advice)

Cars are such a huge feature of modern life now that it can be difficult to imagine a world without ...

31st Aug, 2022

car repairs

Rising costs means 25% of drivers are skipping vital car repairs

The growing pressure of fuel prices still shows no signs of abating just yet, and drivers are feeling the squeeze ...

17th Aug, 2022

car in water

6 crazy car innovations that didn’t stand the test of time

Modern consumer cars are such a common everyday sight that it’s easy to forget they’ve not actually been around all ...

16th Aug, 2022


What is hypermiling? And should we all be doing it?

Hypermiling is a practice that’s not all that new, but unsurprisingly, we’ve all been hearing quite a bit more about ...

15th Aug, 2022

driving car

Could you get caught out while driving in Europe?

If you’re planing on a European excursion this summer, you may need brushing up on a few of the little ...

3rd Aug, 2022

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