Archive: October 2023

What would you witness on Lancashire’s most haunted roads?

Britain’s ghosts, spirits and phantoms are an integral and much-cherished part of its cultural heritage, and each region of the ...

30th Oct, 2023

parked car on the road

The most important do’s and don’ts of parking on the road

Parking on the road is one of those things that sounds simple enough when you say it, but it can ...

25th Oct, 2023

clear air zone

What’s happening with the Manchester Clean Air Zone? (2023 update)

The Manchester Clean Air Zone has been in the works for a good long while now – you may even ...

24th Oct, 2023

Electric car

Can I scrap my electric car?

This is a question we’ve been hearing increasingly often over the past few years here at Scrap Car Network., especially ...

24th Oct, 2023

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