Archive: June 2024

Car dashboard battery warning light

5 ways to know when your car needs a new battery

Your car battery is one of its most essential components. It doesn’t matter if everything else is in perfect working ...

26th Jun, 2024

Car with roof rack modification

Do car modifications affect your insurance?

If you’re a bit of a petrolhead, as many of us are, sometimes it can be tempting to modify your ...

24th Jun, 2024

Someone filling up fuel

5 reasons your car might be consuming fuel unusually quickly

Fuel prices have, to put it lightly, been somewhat turbulent over the past few years – and though the worst ...

14th Jun, 2024

Someone driving with gps

What is the Plan for Drivers?

At the time of writing, the UK is now well into election campaign season, which means there are all sorts ...

10th Jun, 2024

Woman doing breathalyser

How long after drinking can I drive?

Right off the bat, we should start by saying that if you’re planning on driving, then by far the safest ...

3rd Jun, 2024

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