Archive: February 2022


What to do when your car gets stuck in the mud

It’s a nightmare situation, especially if it’s still pouring with rain, or pitch black at night. If you live in ...

22nd Feb, 2022


Police highlight the most common (and dangerous) car faults

Here’s something scary: over 1 million registered UK cars have failed their MOT due to new DVSA criteria introduced in ...

21st Feb, 2022


London and Oxford to bring in two new taxes for drivers this month

However you feel about the incoming Clean Air Zones – and they’re certainly splitting opinion – there’s no doubt that ...

9th Feb, 2022


Government presses the brakes on rollout of smart motorways

Smart motorways have been around for a while now, but ever since their introduction there’s always been a persistent edge ...

1st Feb, 2022

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