3 bad driving habits that can end up scrapping your car feature image

3 Bad Driving Habits That Can End Up Scrapping Your Car

We all drive differently. Our techniques on the road are shaped by our experiences, our preferences, and even our personalities ...

4th Dec, 2017

environment agency spearheads crackdown on illegal waste carriers feature image

Environment Agency Spearheads Crackdown On Illegal Waste Carriers

Illegal waste has always been a big problem in our industry, which is why we at Scrap Car Network always ...

13th Nov, 2017

what happens if you lose your V5C feature image

What Happens If You Lose Your V5C?

If you’ve never scrapped your car before, there’s a good chance you might have a few questions. (And to be ...

7th Nov, 2017

5 easy steps to preparing your car for winter feature image

5 Easy Steps To Preparing Your Car For Winter

The autumn always feels like a short season – at least to us here at Scrap Car Network – and ...

13th Oct, 2017

this is how the scrap metal dealers act affects you feature image

This Is How The Scrap Metal Dealers Act Affects You

You might have heard us mention the Scrap Metal Dealers Act once or twice, especially when talking about how we ...

3rd Oct, 2017

how soon will electric cars replace petrol and diesel vehicles feature image

How Soon Will Electric Cars Replace Petrol And Diesel Vehicles?

Making headlines at the moment is the recent announcement that the UK government will ban petrol and diesel cars on ...

15th Sep, 2017

Cars ready to be scrapped and shredded

Why Have Ford Announced A New Scrappage Scheme?

Air quality is becoming an increasingly hot button issue here in the UK, with growing pressure on the government to ...

12th Sep, 2017

british government plans to scrap petrol and diesel cars by 2040 feature image

British Government Plans To Scrap Petrol And Diesel Cars by 2040

The British motoring world is about to be hit by some pretty big changes, which we’re sure to feel the ...

11th Aug, 2017

we answer your most common scrap car questions part 2 feature image

We Answer Your Most Common Scrap Car Questions (Part 2)

Carrying straight on from our last post, this week we’re once again tackling your most frequently asked questions. Scrapping your ...

7th Aug, 2017

FAQ we answer your most common scrap car questions part 1 feature image

We Answer Your Most Common Scrap Car Questions (Part 1)

We’ve been in the business a while here at Scrap Car Network, which means we’ve get quizzed a lot on ...

14th Jul, 2017