Would you drive along Britain’s 5 most haunted roads?

Haunted houses are something of a classic horror staple. Interestingly, some people propose that this is because our homes represent ...

9th Oct, 2019

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All your questions answered about online scrap car quotes

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30th Sep, 2019


Serious real-life problems we’d have with 5 beloved fictional cars

Everyone’s got a car they love on the big screen. Whether they’re imbued with special abilities, shining with unique personalities, ...

25th Sep, 2019


What happens to a personalised reg plate when you scrap your car?

Personalised registration plates aren’t cheap, so if you’ve got one, you’ll probably be happy to learn that you don’t necessarily ...

11th Sep, 2019

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What does our road tax pay for?

One of our recent posts went into quite some depth about road tax here at Scrap Car Network, specifically about ...

11th Sep, 2019

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Will we ever really have flying cars?

If you remember classic sci-fi movies and shows like Back To The Future, Blade Runner, the Fifth Element, and the ...

11th Sep, 2019

Money For Repairs SCN-min

All your questions answered about car tax refunds

Car tax is one of those sadly necessary evils of owning a vehicle. You need to tax your car in ...

27th Aug, 2019

4 key reasons why car ownership is declining in the UK

Between the 1960s and 1980s, owning a car was seen as a vital milestone in adult life. Ownership was prized ...

22nd Aug, 2019

The 5 most common causes of car accidents – revealed

Ideally, when the time finally comes to scrap your car, it’ll be because of something innocent – like a mechanical ...

22nd Aug, 2019

Classic cars with electric engines – the ultimate fusion of old and new

Across the world, a movement is growing. Inspired by the steady advances made in electric vehicle technology, its proponents are ...

19th Aug, 2019