changes to the MOT

Are you ready for the latest MOT changes?

New rules which came into effect this week could make all the difference as to whether your car passes or ...

23rd May, 2018

reclaiming car insurance

How to reclaim tax and insurance when you scrap your car

Reclaiming tax and insurance has always been a major consideration for anyone scrapping their car. After all, you pay tax ...

18th May, 2018

mot inspection

How To Find Out When Your MOT Is Due

Along with your car tax, that status of your MOT is one of the most important things to be aware ...

20th Apr, 2018

car in garage

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About A SORN

Basically, SORN stands for Statutory Off Road Notification, and you need it if – you guessed it – you’re taking ...

27th Mar, 2018

crane scrap cars

UK Exceeds European Union Recycling Targets

The European Union has long been on a mission to reduce the rate of waste in all of its member ...

21st Feb, 2018

certificate of destruction

What Is A Certificate Of Destruction?

A Certificate of Destruction is a legal document that we receive electronically from the DVLA, when we scrap your car ...

12th Feb, 2018

william fletcher recycling lives

Recycling Lives Enjoys Record-Breaking Year!

Our ethics are hugely important to us as a business here at Scrap Car Network, as you’d expect from an ...

6th Feb, 2018

lost something

Have You Ever Lost Your Car?

So you can’t find your keys. It’s an annoying but sadly not unfamiliar feeling. We’ve all done it at some ...

2nd Feb, 2018

scrap car checklist

A Guide to Scrapping Your Car

A broken and unusable car is no good to you. If it doesn’t run, fails to start on a regular ...

29th Jan, 2018

is your car struggling with the winter feature image

Is Your Car Struggling With The Winter?

Nobody looks forward to winter driving. It’s more difficult, it’s more dangerous, and it can put quite a strain on ...

25th Jan, 2018