The ‘current challenges’ with scrapping electric cars

After the Covid-19 outbreak rocked the early months of 2020, there are already growing calls for public and government attention ...

20th May, 2020

steering wheel

Do you believe 5 of the most common driving myths?

Since we all have to do numerous tests before we’re allowed behind the wheel of our cars, it’s weird to ...

14th May, 2020

james bond car

We ranked 6 James Bond car gadgets for their actual practicality

April was supposed to be the month that the newest James Bond film was due to hit our screens, but ...

5th May, 2020

abandoned car

What to do if you find an abandoned car

People don’t often leave their cars lying around. Well, not unless they lose them in a car park for six ...

22nd Apr, 2020

v5c document

What’s changed on the new V5C?

In case you’re wondering, your V5C is your vehicle logbook, and its job is basically to identify the owner of ...

9th Apr, 2020

tv remote changing channel

6 of the best car shows to enjoy during lockdown

What a very strange time to be alive. At the time of writing, the UK government (and many others) is ...

9th Apr, 2020


What documents do you need to scrap your car?

You’ll be glad to hear you don’t need much, so you shouldn’t have to spend too long rooting around in ...

27th Mar, 2020

official paperwork

4 quick tips to keep your car documents and paperwork organised

As all drivers know, unfortunately there’s more to owning a car than simply driving it. Ownership also involves a fair ...

20th Mar, 2020


When will we be driving hydrogen cars?

Electric cars have had the press buzzing for the last few years, but for some reason hydrogen cars haven’t been ...

16th Mar, 2020


4 things we’re looking forward to in Formula One 2020

Formula One is the world’s single biggest motor sporting event, and right now everyone’s engine is well and truly revved. ...

12th Mar, 2020

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