british government plans to scrap petrol and diesel cars by 2040 feature image

British Government Plans To Scrap Petrol And Diesel Cars by 2040

The British motoring world is about to be hit by some pretty big changes, which we’re sure to feel the ...

11th Aug, 2017

we answer your most common scrap car questions part 2 feature image

We Answer Your Most Common Scrap Car Questions (Part 2)

Carrying straight on from our last post, this week we’re once again tackling your most frequently asked questions. Scrapping your ...

7th Aug, 2017

FAQ we answer your most common scrap car questions part 1 feature image

We Answer Your Most Common Scrap Car Questions (Part 1)

We’ve been in the business a while here at Scrap Car Network, which means we’ve get quizzed a lot on ...

14th Jul, 2017

motor industry calls for tightening of scrap car regulations feature image

Motor Industry Calls For Tightening Of Scrap Car Regulations

There’s been some recent rumblings in the UK’s car industry about the enforcement of rules and regulations when it comes ...

7th Jul, 2017

why does the government want to scrap diesel cars feature image

Why Does The Government Want To Scrap Diesel Cars?

In the latest round of motoring legislation on the table for the government, it looks like there might be a ...

30th Jun, 2017

india aims to make every new car electric from 2030 feature image

India Aims To Make Every New Car Electric From 2030

With environmental matters still dominating international news, India is making cross-continental headlines recently. India’s government has decided that from 2030 ...

23rd Jun, 2017

what makes scrap car scams so dangerous feature image

What Makes Scrap Car Scams So Dangerous?

Car scams are, unfortunately, nothing new. Cars are a universal commodity that’s relatively expensive, and many are bought and sold ...

5th Jun, 2017

A quick look at the global scrap car industry feature image

A Quick Look At The Global Scrap Car Industry

We recently regaled you with some pretty nifty facts about our scrap car industry in the UK and Europe. This ...

25th May, 2017

is it better to sell or scrap your car feature image

Is It Better To Sell Or Scrap Your Car?

When it comes to get rid of your car, there are a couple of options available to you. Most of ...

25th May, 2017

the most fascinating facts about the european scrap car industry feature image

The Most Fascinating Facts About The European Scrap Car Industry

The global scrap car industry has some impressive achievements to its name, and we’re happy to say that we definitely ...

10th May, 2017