Brits Scrapping Their Cars Surges Nationwide

Brits Scrapping Their Cars Surges Nationwide

Britain has seen a surge in scrapping cars throughout 2020 as the pandemic hit. Data from the national Scrap Car ...

18th Feb, 2021

Our top tips and tricks to make your car last longer

Let’s be honest – cars are pretty expensive. In fact, no matter what kind of deal you got on yours, ...

15th Feb, 2021

New cameras targeting tailgaters to be rolled out on UK roads

New cameras targeting tailgaters to be rolled out on UK roads

Basically, a new scheme has been proposed for British motorways which involve using new cameras to detect of vehicles are ...

8th Feb, 2021

What is fronting, and why should you avoid it?

Let’s not kid ourselves – it’s pretty hard to accidentally commit fraud. It’s one of those crimes which tends to ...

1st Feb, 2021

Manchester is ready for the next step its Clean Air Zone plans

Air quality is an increasingly pressing issue in cities up and down the country at the moment, with Manchester one ...

28th Jan, 2021

What will the car interiors of the future look like?

Not long ago, mobile phone technology underwent a pretty seismic revolution – and now the same is happening for automotive ...

20th Jan, 2021

safely driving space

Make sure you know the new rules for driving in Europe

Now, if you’ve ever thought I need to scrap my car, you’ll probably be happy to learn that sorting the ...

18th Jan, 2021

crane scrap cars

The weirdest things found left in used and scrap cars

We process over 10,000 cars every year here at Scrap Car Network, and we’ve found our fair share of strange ...

21st Dec, 2020


5 handy inspirations for petrolhead gifts this Christmas

2020 has been a very strange and turbulent year, so naturally everyone’s on the lookout for presents to make this ...

16th Dec, 2020


Why we could be seeing a lot more of e-scooters in 2021

You’ve probably read at least a bit about e-scooters before – they’ve been making headlines recently as a new, more ...

4th Dec, 2020

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