Voltswagen has created a buzz, but for all the wrong reasons

No, that’s not a typo. Depending on how deep you are into the automotive world, you may or may not ...

13th Apr, 2021

vintage car

The 5 fastest cars in the first 50 years of automotive history

Cars have been around for such a long time now that it’s difficult to imagine a world without them. Most ...

24th Mar, 2021

driving safely

5 useful ways you could be driving less dangerously

Wait, you’re probably saying, I’m not a dangerous driver. Maybe you’re also saying: I’ve never even had a crash serious ...

17th Mar, 2021

self driving car

Does the dawn of self driving cars mean no more speeding tickets?

Let’s be honest, most drivers view speed limits as a necessary evil. And there are those of us who aren’t ...

16th Mar, 2021

How long do these five key car components last?

The overall reliability of your car depends a whole lot on the operational lifespan of its individual parts. Most car ...

8th Mar, 2021

v5c paperwork

Do I need a V5C to tax or insure my car?

We get a lot of questions about V5Cs here at Scrap Car Network. By far one of the most common ...

26th Feb, 2021

How optimistic are drivers about the 2030 petrol and diesel ban?

You’ve probably been keeping up with perhaps one of the biggest changes on the horizon for not just the automotive ...

24th Feb, 2021

Brits Scrapping Their Cars Surges Nationwide

Brits Scrapping Their Cars Surges Nationwide

Britain has seen a surge in scrapping cars throughout 2020 as the pandemic hit. Data from the national Scrap Car ...

18th Feb, 2021

Our top tips and tricks to make your car last longer

Let’s be honest – cars are pretty expensive. In fact, no matter what kind of deal you got on yours, ...

15th Feb, 2021

New cameras targeting tailgaters to be rolled out on UK roads

New cameras targeting tailgaters to be rolled out on UK roads

Basically, a new scheme has been proposed for British motorways which involve using new cameras to detect of vehicles are ...

8th Feb, 2021

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