Government presses the brakes on rollout of smart motorways

Smart motorways have been around for a while now, but ever since their introduction there’s always been a persistent edge ...

1st Feb, 2022


Self driving car users should have legal immunity, says report

Self driving cars are a (still) upcoming transport innovation that’s been a long time in the making. And after the ...

28th Jan, 2022


Manchester’s Clean Air Zone to be reviewed in the Spring

By now, you’ll probably be familiar with the basic idea of a Clean Air Zone, as they’ve been on the ...

25th Jan, 2022


The Highway Code is changing for 2022 – are you up to speed?

Changes to the Highway Code in the UK in 2022 Let’s be honest, there’s been so much happening in the ...

19th Jan, 2022

flying cars

Forget flying cars – is a mind-controlled Mercedes in our future?

When cars and the future are concerned, the possibilities are endless. For decades, humanity has envisioned giving cars the ability ...

17th Dec, 2021

Car gifts

Our top suggestions for petrolhead presents this Christmas

Christmas time is upon us! As the big day gets closer, excitement is building for festive TV, delicious food and ...

16th Dec, 2021


5 things you shouldn’t leave in your car this winter

With winter fast approaching, temperatures in the UK are already starting to plummet. For drivers, colder temperatures often mean blocked ...

10th Dec, 2021

tyres in the snow

5 reasons why you need winter tyres for the chilly season

It’s not a job that everyone bothers with, but changing your tyres to suit the season can be one of ...

10th Dec, 2021

how soon will electric cars replace petrol and diesel vehicles feature image

Why electric cars will be a shock to UK parking spaces

Ah, parking. The bane and daily battle of countless drivers, and sometimes one of the hardest things about car ownership ...

22nd Nov, 2021

v5c document

DVLA reveals the weirdest reasons behind lost V5Cs

We’ve all heard of dogs eating homework, but what about parrots destroying a V5C? When it comes to lost documents, ...

5th Nov, 2021

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