mot test centre

National MOT extension scheme to end on the 1st of August

Everyone’s had a welcome break from thinking about their MOTs over the past few months, but now marks the start ...

21st Jul, 2020


What’s life like for a crash test dummy?

With our opposable thumbs and highly developed brains, humans have evolved for many things. Safe to say, car crashes have ...

29th Jun, 2020

failed mot

What happens when my car fails its MOT?

If your car’s over 3 years old, you’re legally required to take it for an MOT every year. Most drivers ...

23rd Jun, 2020


4 ways that lockdown is changing how we use our cars

The introduction of a national lockdown in March 2020 has dramatically changed life for everyone. It’s affected the way we ...

16th Jun, 2020

speed camera

Speed cameras and speed courses – a brief explainer

It’s probably not controversial to say that nobody loves speed cameras. At best, most of us regard them as necessary ...

16th Jun, 2020

sun dazzle

How to avoid getting dazzled by sun strike while driving

Sun strike might sound like a cool name for an indie rock band, but for drivers it’s far from an ...

4th Jun, 2020


The ‘current challenges’ with scrapping electric cars

After the Covid-19 outbreak rocked the early months of 2020, there are already growing calls for public and government attention ...

20th May, 2020

steering wheel

Do you believe 5 of the most common driving myths?

Since we all have to do numerous tests before we’re allowed behind the wheel of our cars, it’s weird to ...

14th May, 2020

james bond car

We ranked 6 James Bond car gadgets for their actual practicality

April was supposed to be the month that the newest James Bond film was due to hit our screens, but ...

5th May, 2020

abandoned car

What to do if you find an abandoned car

People don’t often leave their cars lying around. Well, not unless they lose them in a car park for six ...

22nd Apr, 2020

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