Do you drive on one of Britain’s most dangerous roads?

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1st Aug, 2019

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Reliability tops the list of priorities for British car buyers

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31st Jul, 2019

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The key things to think about when hiring your holiday car

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22nd Jul, 2019


The booster seat rules designed to keep your children safe

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19th Jul, 2019

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Is driving getting safer than it used to be for people in the UK?

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17th Jul, 2019


What would you do with an extra nine days a year?

If you had an extra nine days every year, what would you do with the time? You could hike across ...

15th Jul, 2019


The UK’s most popular commuting pastimes revealed

The research, conducted by ethical car recycling specialists Scrap Car Network has found that 27% of UK commuters use the ...

11th Jul, 2019

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A quick guide to car recycling

Car recycling is a massive worldwide industry – hardly surprising, given that it’s one of the most common forms of ...

26th Jun, 2019


How to avoid battery problems with your car

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24th Jun, 2019


How to respond to a check engine light

Nobody loves the sight of a check engine light. After all, it’s basically a shorthand way of telling you that ...

24th Jun, 2019