phone scam

Fake DVLA alerts – how to spot fraudulent messages about your car

Road tax and car insurance aren’t exactly optional, and getting them wrong can have pretty big, often expensive consequences. Unfortunately, ...

11th Feb, 2019

Way To Go Green 2019

4 Ways to Go Green in 2019 That You Probably Haven’t Considered

2018 was a big year for green awareness. It marked the year that hundreds of thousands of us gained new ...

31st Jan, 2019

car breakdown

Is your car one of the least reliable cars of 2018?

At some point, almost every car is bound to go wrong. It may be through an accident or collision, or ...

25th Jan, 2019

car collection

Scrap Car Network hits record number of 5-star reviews

Scrapping a car can be quite a stressful task for many people. Finding a reputable company who gives you the ...

11th Jan, 2019


Should I remove the catalytic converter when I scrap my car?

In a word: no. But we imagine you’re probably looking for more detail than that, so we’re happy to provide ...

21st Dec, 2018

merry christmas

Our top tips on surviving the long Christmas drive

Christmas is a time for family. For loving them, cherishing them, and arguably most importantly, getting shedloads of presents from ...

18th Dec, 2018


Does the brand of your car make a difference to its scrap value?

When your beloved motor has chugged its last, it’s understandable that you’d want to get the best possible price for ...

30th Nov, 2018


4 Best Driving Apps On The Market

There are lots of aspects to driving can be a bit of a hassle at times. From dodging traffic jams ...

27th Nov, 2018

taking apart scrap car

How our scrap yards recycle your car: Dismantlement

Welcome to the second post in our three-part series on how we recycle your car. So far, we’ve covered de-pollution, ...

30th Oct, 2018


How to tell the DVLA when you’ve scrapped your car

As you’d expect, the DVLA are pretty strict when it comes to scrapping your car. In fact, it’s a legal ...

2nd Oct, 2018