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21st Jan, 2020


10 new driving laws which affect your car in 2020

Here’s a fun fact for you – in all likelihood, your grandma can legally drive a 3.5 tonne Light Commercial ...

19th Jan, 2020

crane scrap cars

Our roundup of the biggest automotive news stories of 2019

2019 has been a big year for just about all of us, but especially so for the automotive industry – ...

17th Dec, 2019

buying a car with a sorn

What’s the difference between a car’s owner and registered keeper?

If you’ve already started to look for the best places to scrap your car, you may well have already seen ...

10th Dec, 2019


How to avoid road rage this winter

It’s no secret that winter can be a stressful time on the roads. Rougher conditions like snow, rain or ice ...

9th Dec, 2019


Which is the UK’s worst city for drivers?

It’s a straightforward question that’s not always got a straightforward answer – after all, everyone has their own opinion on ...

9th Dec, 2019


Why are scrap yard fires so dangerous?

Every so often, you’ll see a scrapyard fire that becomes big news. If you’re unlucky enough to be local to ...

19th Nov, 2019


The most common problems with car modifications

Car modifications are nothing new – most of us have encountered souped-up versions of common consumer vehicles while out on ...

14th Nov, 2019


Are smart motorways unsafe?

Whether or not you realise it, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve driven on a smart motorway. It’s a rapidly ...

11th Nov, 2019


How to tell the DVLA when you sell or scrap your car

It’s really important to let the DVLA know when you’re parting ways with your car, whether that’s because you’re selling ...

8th Nov, 2019

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