Renew your licence, warns DVLA, as extension deadline nears

You don’t need us to tell you about the lockdowns in 2020, so we’ll spare you the preamble. The important ...

2nd Nov, 2021

Scrapped cars

Scrap car prices are now at pre-Covid levels

How much would I get if I scrap my car? That’s a question that’s probably top of your list when ...

25th Oct, 2021


Is the petrol crisis over? Here’s what you need to know

If you’ve recently decided – I need to scrap my car, then the amount of fuel in its tank will ...

21st Oct, 2021

car and key

5 things to avoid before you test drive a car

Test driving a car can be an exciting but quite nervewracking experience. There are countless things you’ve got to evaluate ...

18th Oct, 2021

Pouring fluids into the car

5 key skills that you need to keep your car ticking over nicely

It seems that as a nation, most of us are understandably cautious about DIY car maintenance. According to a survey ...

30th Sep, 2021

jerry can with fuel

What to do if you run out of fuel

Running out of fuel may not be one of the most common road incidents, but it does happen. Each year, ...

29th Sep, 2021


What do I do if I’ve put the wrong type of fuel in my car?

Mis-fuelling your car seems like a very silly and easily-avoidable mistake – right up until the moment you make it ...

14th Sep, 2021

Electric Cars

72% of drivers want lower speed limits for driving in the rain

Now before you say anything, we know that it probably doesn’t sound like it would be the most popular idea. ...

23rd Aug, 2021

Electric Cars

Silent means deadly – why noise matters for electric cars

The electric car revolution is steadily powering up, with close to half a million already active in the UK. There’s ...

23rd Aug, 2021

Scrapped cars

Can I check if a car has already been scrapped?

Buying a used car can be a lengthy but highly satisfying experience, especially when you succeed in getting yourself a ...

13th Aug, 2021

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