Why do people name their cars?

They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness. Whether or not that’s true, one thing’s for certain ...

23rd Apr, 2019

4 controversial technologies that will soon change the way we drive

Our cars are evolving all the time. Fuel efficiency improves, emissions get reduced and cabins are becoming increasingly digitised. Few ...

23rd Apr, 2019


4 steps to easily spring clean your car

When we talk about spring cleaning, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your house. But lots of ...

18th Apr, 2019

written off car

How many times will you crash your car over your lifetime?

Statistically speaking, you can never be 100% safe from having a car crash, but there are so many factors involved ...

18th Apr, 2019

Grey Car SCN

50 shades of great – looking at the UK’s new favourite car colour

It’s no secret that the UK car market is experiencing a fair amount of ups and downs recently, and we ...

25th Mar, 2019

crane scrap cars

We scrap specialist vehicles – from hearses to Reliant Robins!

We process far more than just the regular four wheeled vehicles here at Scrap Car Network – over the years ...

25th Mar, 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car

Are you being hit with car insurance loyalty tax?

Are you paying too much for your car insurance? It’s such a well known saying that it’s often used as ...

11th Mar, 2019


Stop Smoking – what does smoke from your car mean?

Some experts like to compare a car to the human body. And if we’re running with this analogy, while that ...

5th Mar, 2019


Make sure you’re prepared when you’re driving abroad in 2019

Whether we’re travelling for work or leisure, with family or alone, driving a car whilst abroad can greatly increase our ...

20th Feb, 2019

window SCN-min

Essential safety tips: why it’s important to demist your car windows

British weather is never predictable, but one thing for sure is that the months of February and March will bring ...

18th Feb, 2019