Archive: May 2017

A quick look at the global scrap car industry feature image

A Quick Look At The Global Scrap Car Industry

We recently regaled you with some pretty nifty facts about our scrap car industry in the UK and Europe. This ...

25th May, 2017

is it better to sell or scrap your car feature image

Is It Better To Sell Or Scrap Your Car?

When it comes to get rid of your car, there are a couple of options available to you. Most of ...

25th May, 2017

the most fascinating facts about the european scrap car industry feature image

The Most Fascinating Facts About The European Scrap Car Industry

The global scrap car industry has some impressive achievements to its name, and we’re happy to say that we definitely ...

10th May, 2017

the most commonly replaced scrap car parts feature image

The Most Commonly Replaced Scrap Car Parts

We use our cars a lot. Quite right too, as they’re not cheap, and in order to be worth the ...

3rd May, 2017

how to avoid fire damage scrapping your car feature image

How To Avoid Fire Damage To Your Car

A car fire is a scary, scary thing. However, the main thing to remember is that the chances of your ...

3rd May, 2017

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