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The Most Commonly Replaced Scrap Car Parts

3rd May, 2017

We use our cars a lot. Quite right too, as they’re not cheap, and in order to be worth the cost they have to pull their weight! But the constant use does mean that eventually, little bits and pieces of them wear out – and it can be quite helpful to be able to predict which ones they are. The average car’s mileage is around 10,000 miles per year, so if you have a new one you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing much anytime soon. But as an FYI from your friends at Scrap Car Network, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly replaced car parts below.

Under 40,000 Miles

changing the bulbs

The little stuff is the easiest to keep on top of, so it’s likely you’ll spot any issues with these parts anyway, but your headlights, brake lights and indicators can all be easily checked, so at Scrap Car Network we’d suggest doing it every so often. Cars also need plenty of fluids to function properly (much like their drivers in that sense), which means that you should also keep an eye on your transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and antifreeze levels.

Your car’s oil and oil filter are amongst the average vehicle’s most commonly replaced parts; they need checking and probably replacing once every 4000 miles or so to ensure continued smooth, easy driving. Sunglasses optional.

40,000 To 70,000 Mile

putting on a new tyre

Your engine’s air filter is a pretty nifty invention that keeps grit from clogging up your engine’s cylinders. It needs replacing once every 40,000 miles if you want it to keep doing its job properly.

Your tyres are a big one, as constant pressure from the road wears them out (we know the feeling). Their lifespan is around 70,000 miles, but you need to check their condition regularly just in case – for example, if you have an MOT coming up.

Brake pads are obviously vital to your safety when driving, as they keep both you and others from making short and unpleasant trips through the windscreen. How quickly they wear out depends on a bunch of things – from the size and type of your car to your own personal driving style. As a rule, it’s a good idea to get them replaced once every 60,000 miles at the very least.

70,000 To 100,000 Miles

looking at the clutch

Speaking of brakes, your brake components in general are all worth keeping an eye on, as they’re in constant use. They’re built to last, but you’ll still need to replace the callipers, wheel cylinders and master cylinders about once every 100,000 miles. The same goes for your clutch; the friction involved in constantly changing gear wears it down over time – which, by the way, can shorten if you’re an aggressive driver or if you ride the clutch. The fuel pump is yet another one that has to take the brunt of day-in, day-out usage, so again it’s worth checking in with it every so often (even if just to say hi). On average, it should be around five or six years before a new one wears out, but that can vary!

Eventually, you might find that your beloved vehicle suffers from a breakdown that can’t be fixed with replacement parts. When that happens, it might be time to scrap your car – and there’s no better people to do it than us here at Scrap Car Network. It couldn’t be easier, too; say scrap my car and enter your car reg and postcode on our homepage, and start the process scrap your car today!

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