Archive: November 2022

car owner

How to change the registered keeper of your car

It’s estimated that most people own somewhere between four to six cars over the course of their adult lifetime, which ...

28th Nov, 2022

scrap car network

Is it time to consider more LTNs across the UK?

By now, you’re probably at least passingly familiar with the term CAZ – otherwise known as a Clean Air Zone, ...

21st Nov, 2022

car parts

Can I get more cash for my scrap car by selling parts separately?

We’re often asked some variation of this question here at Scrap Car Network. Understandable, too – when you first think ...

11th Nov, 2022


5 handy ways to cut down your car insurance premiums

At this time of year, money is on everyone’s mind. Especially in 2022, and particularly this week, when the Bank ...

8th Nov, 2022

catalytic convertor

How to protect your catalytic converter from theft

Sometimes affectionately referred to as a ‘cat’, your catalytic converter is a hugely important part of your car – far ...

3rd Nov, 2022

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