Archive: February 2019


Make sure you’re prepared when you’re driving abroad in 2019

Whether we’re travelling for work or leisure, with family or alone, driving a car whilst abroad can greatly increase our ...

20th Feb, 2019

window SCN-min

Essential safety tips: why it’s important to demist your car windows

British weather is never predictable, but one thing for sure is that the months of February and March will bring ...

18th Feb, 2019

SCN Car Bill-min

3 biggest repair bills that were paid in 2018

We all love the freedom that having a car brings, but if you have a car that’s less than reliable, ...

16th Feb, 2019

car sales

UK car sales fall for the second year running

You don’t need to be an industry expert to know that the UK car industry hasn’t been having a fantastic ...

13th Feb, 2019

phone scam

Fake DVLA alerts – how to spot fraudulent messages about your car

Road tax and car insurance aren’t exactly optional, and getting them wrong can have pretty big, often expensive consequences. Unfortunately, ...

11th Feb, 2019

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