Archive: March 2017

vehicle tax rises for new car buyers from april 2017 feature image

Vehicle Tax Rises For New Car Buyers From April 2017

April of 2017 sees a slightly unwelcome surprise for new car owners, and it’s all to do with tax rate ...

30th Mar, 2017

how to check youre not buying a stolen car feature image

How To Check You’re Not Buying A Stolen Car

Pop culture has a lot to answer for in second hand car deals. When buying a car second hand, most ...

29th Mar, 2017

scrap heap treasure legendary scrap car discovered in mexico feature image

Legendary Steve McQueen Ford Mustang GT From Bullitt Discovered In Mexico

You may remember our article a few months ago on famous scrap cars from cinema history. In it, we talked ...

24th Mar, 2017

smart recycling the best way to dispose of car batteries

Smart Recycling: The Best Way To Dispose Of Car Batteries

As you might imagine, we’re all for responsible recycling here at Scrap Car Network. In fact, it’s one of the ...

22nd Mar, 2017

how you are helping people when you scrap your car

How You’re Helping People When You Scrap Your Car

At Scrap Car Network, we’re not just about scrapping cars; we’re also committed to charity causes too. We operate under ...

17th Mar, 2017

the right way to scrap cars dealing with good dealers

Dealing With Reputable Scrap Car Dealers

When you finally decide to scrap your car, you might be a little tentative about the process. We’ve all heard ...

7th Mar, 2017

what to check when buying a replacement for your scrap car

What To Check When Buying A Replacement For Your Scrap Car

So you’ve made the leap. “I’m going to scrap my car.” you’ve decided. It’s likely, then, that you’re already thinking ...

1st Mar, 2017

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