how you are helping people when you scrap your car

How You’re Helping People When You Scrap Your Car

17th Mar, 2017

At Scrap Car Network, we’re not just about scrapping cars; we’re also committed to charity causes too. We operate under the umbrella of Recycling Lives, and the money we make from our commercial business funds their charitable activities. One such pursuit is their social welfare charity, and this week, we thought we’d tell you a bit about what that charity does.

What Does This Recycling Process Aim To Do?

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Unemployment and homelessness are two major problems faced by our country. While we all might face unemployment at some stage in our lives, hopefully most will be fortunate enough to avoid unemployment. Unfortunately, not everyone is, and so our social welfare charity aims to help these guys back on their feet and back into full time employment. We use a holistic, six-stage process for homeless or at-risk men that gives them a basic framework to help them adjust back to normal, everyday working life. This includes providing them with en-suite accommodation, food, transport and a weekly personal allowance. While we do that, we give them education, training, and work experience in our scrap metal facilities, helping them demonstrate to future employers that they are wholeheartedly prepared, equipped and enthusiastic for full-time work. Our staff also provide classes on life skills our residents might not have had a chance to learn, such as budgeting or maintaining a tenancy. We’re not about the numbers here at Scrap Car Network – we’re about the quality. We want to make absolutely sure that the people in our care are as secure as they can be going forward, so by the time they finish the programme, we make sure there’s a home and a job ready for them.

So How Do We Recycle Lives?

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Each stage of our process is aimed at gradually building the confidence of our residents, minimising the risk of a relapse into what we’ll euphemistically refer to as unfavourable circumstances. We won’t go into exhaustive detail, but a here’s are the main points in a nutshell:

  1. We welcome our residents, helping them to establish a stable routine, and getting them registered with institutions like doctors and banks.
  2. Residents start to think about an onward career path, which we encourage with training and support.
  3. We get our residents cracking on CV writing and maintaining a tenancy.
  4. This stage focuses on training, education and future career plans, and their individual interests and skills.
  5. This is where we carry out the slightly (only slightly) assessments of their work placements – and when they complete it they’re offered full-time employment.
  6. Finally, residents move into full time employment. We ease the transition as much as we can, and provide one-on-one support wherever we’re needed.

What Are The Results?

We’re glad you asked – they’re good ones! Very good ones. 92% of our residents come to us from homelessness. So far we’ve already helped 75 people into independent living, and as a direct result of our work a social return of £1 million is coming back into UK economy every year. And because we use our profits to fund all this, it means that you’re helping too, just by choosing us to scrap your car. What could be better? You get great service and the best prices going, and we get to do some good along the way.

All you need to do to get started is go to our homepage and enter your postcode and car reg number. Within moments, you’ll be looking at an instant scrap car quote, and it’s all go from there. And as if you need any more reasons to choose us, you can also read about how you’re helping the environment, too. Everyone’s a winner!

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