smart recycling the best way to dispose of car batteries

Smart Recycling: The Best Way To Dispose Of Car Batteries

22nd Mar, 2017

As you might imagine, we’re all for responsible recycling here at Scrap Car Network. In fact, it’s one of the guiding principles of the way we do business. And when we’re talking about parts that need to be recycled properly, there are few more important components than the humble car battery.

Why Do Car Batteries Need Special Treatment?

removing a car battery

Well, there’s a short answer and a long answer to that. The short answer is that they’re classed as hazardous waste; the name tells you all you need to know, really. Hazardous waste items can’t be disposed of on normal landfill because of potent chemicals in their makeup, all of which make them a lot more dangerous than regular waste. Car batteries are a grimly shining example of this – they contain lead, sulphuric acid and other nasties that can be incredibly harmful to the environment if treated carelessly when you scrap your car.

Car batteries that are improperly disposed of can end up leaking all of this horrible stuff into surrounding soil and water supplies, posing a very real risk to plants and animals – not to mention a direct danger to humans, too. Just a few of the ways that these chemicals are known to affect us include messing with our brains and nervous systems, kidneys, blood, and even our reproductive organs. (Which means that if you just crossed your legs when reading that, you’re already convinced of the importance of proper car battery disposal.)

Recycling Is The Answer

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So that’s all the depressing stuff out of the way. Now let’s move onto the slightly more cheerful side of why you should recycle your car battery when you scrap your car! With proper disposal by qualified professionals, the toxic elements in car batteries are either rendered safe or – far more often – collected and stored for later use. The lead inside is melted, the acid is neutralised and any water is purified. All in all, industry experts reckon that around 90 to 95% of materials are recycled from car batteries on average, meaning that they can be used at a later date for making entirely new batteries. This not only gives the environment a bit of a breather, but means that there’s much less demand for raw materials and the energy needed to process them. Great for the economy and great for the environment – are there any better reasons to get recycling?

It’s not difficult to find places to do so, either. They can be taken to your local garage or car parts shop, where they can sometimes be accepted as deposits when buying a new, non-knackered battery. The UK government website can help you find a local hazardous waste disposal service, too.

And of course, proper waste disposal is what we’re all about at Scrap Car Network. When you choose us to scrap your car, we take it completely apart, recycling every available part that can be reused, resold or repurposed. This includes the car battery, as we’re no strangers to the risks it can pose.

It’s easy to get started – all you have to do is visit our homepage and enter your postcode and reg number, and within moments you’ll be looking at an instant scrap car quote. So don’t hang around; scrap your car today!

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