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5 good reasons you should say scrap my car with Scrap Car Network

19th Sep, 2016

If you’re looking around for scrap car recycling options, you’ll have noticed just how many options are out there. Local companies, national companies, big companies, small companies and one-man-operations – get yourself on Google and we guarantee you’ll find them all. But how do you decide who to opt for?

We’ve got 5 good reasons you should say Scrap My Car!

1.From the start of the car recycling process to the moment we deposit your money in your account, Scrap Car Network operates a completely transparent model. We’ll deal with you directly when you make a booking, one of our professional scrap car collection teams will pick up your scrap car from your home or chosen location, and we’ll send you your official Certificate of Destruction, proving you’ve disposed of your car in line with all the proper rules – and protecting you from an £80 fine.


2. Did you know that it’s against the law to give cash in exchange for a scrap car? We never give cash payments – we make payment direct to your bank, so the money comes straight to you and there’s a clear record of where it came from.


3. We and our collection partners all carry out scrap car recycling at Authorised Treatment Facilities. Again – it’s illegal to recycle scrap cars anywhere else, so you may find yourself in hot water if you opt to sell your car to a scrap car recycler who plays fast and loose with the rules.


4. Before collection day, we’ll let you know who’s coming to collect your scrap car and when. We appreciate every customer who says Scrap my car! with Scrap Car Network, and we want you to enjoy great service, which is why we keep you informed of the process every step of the way. We’ll get in touch via your preferred method of contact, whether that’s phone or email, and you’ll know exactly what to expect.


5. Our drivers and collection partners will usually carry a form of identity to ensure validity and protect the customers. And if you’re ever unsure – for any reason – that the team that’s turned up for your scrap car is the right one, you can simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to verify that we’ve sent a collection crew to your property.


Scrap your car, keep your peace of mind

woman scrapping car

Here at Scrap Car Network, we know it can be intimidating to have visitors to your home, especially if you’re older, less mobile or you live alone. We want to make our scrap car recycling process as quick, easy and hassle-free as possible, which is why we take care to keep you informed from start to finish.

For more information on what happens once you say Scrap My Car! with us, take a look around our blog or contact us for one-to-one advice on recycling your scrap car with us.

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