7 reasons scrapping your car is good for the environment

7 Reasons Scrapping Your Car Is Good For The Environment

12th Sep, 2016

You’ve heard people say that scrapping your car is good for the environment, but did you ever really know why? Well, at Scrap Car Network, that’s what we’re here to answer.

Here’s a quick breakdown of 7 great reasons why it’s environmentally friendly to scrap your car:

  1. We’ll always try and extend the lifespan of your car first.
  2. We salvage any useable parts.
  3. It makes way for a more energy-efficient replacement.
  4. Scrapping cars can result in fewer emissions from our roads.
  5. Our network cuts down on travel miles taken to reach you.
  6. We’re part of a large partnership dedicated to cutting down on waste.
  7. We use our resources to train people to work in the recycling industry, increasing our potential for greener work in future.

You see, scrapping your car isn’t just convenient and cost-effective for you; you can also give yourself a hearty clap on the back for helping greener initiatives. Here’s how!

We prioritise re-sale over recycling

If your car’s in a good, road-worthy and reusable condition, we’ll carry out any necessary maintenance and repairs in order to prepare it for resale. If we can’t re-sell your car, we’ll recycle up to 100% of it.

If your car’s not in the best condition, we’ll recycle it rather than wasting time and resources getting it back on the road. Our authorised treatment facilities (ATFs) achieve up to a 100% recycling rate – we’ll process everything from the bumper to the brake fluids in the most eco-friendly way possible.

We’ll reuse parts even if we can’t reuse your whole car

Even if your car’s not in the best condition, some of the parts may well be good enough to salvage. We’ll comb your old car for any parts that can be used again, before recycling the rest of it in line with car recycling best practice guidelines.

Some of our customers buy more energy efficient cars

Scrapping your old car and switching to a more fuel-efficient model means fewer emissions when you’re out and about.

Others switch to public transport

Lots of our customers scrap their car in order to make the switch to public transport – others decide to reduce the number of cars in their families or opt for car-shares. Whatever your reason, fewer cars on the road means a better deal for the environment.

We work with local car recycling specialists

Unlike smaller car recycling organisations, Scrap Car Network works – as the name suggests – with a national network of car recyclers to make sure you deal with the best scrap car specialists in your local area. This reduces the miles we need to travel – to and from your home – to pick up your car.

Scrap Car Network Supports Recycling Lives

Scrap Car Network is part of the Recycling Lives family. Recycling Lives is a leading waste management organisation that pioneers new recycling and reuse processes, helping to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill and find new ways to reduce emissions.

Our social welfare charity trains marginalised people to work in the reuse and recycling industry, too, helping to continue our good work for the future.

Scrap your car!

scrap cars

Whatever your reasons for scrapping your car, you’re in safe hands with Scrap Car Network. If your thinking ‘scrap my car‘ then it’s worth knowing that we work with only the most reputable British car recycling organisations, so you’ll have the right paper trail for your records and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car was recycled responsibly.

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