Archive: October 2020

sun dazzle

Can you drive a SORN car to a scrap car breaker?

This is quite a common question we get asked at Scrap Car Network, and you may well be wondering it ...

26th Oct, 2020


60mph speed limit introduced along four major UK highways

A possibly controversial change has just been made on some of England’s busiest stretches of motorway. In the last few ...

26th Oct, 2020


Are we looking at a future of haunted cars?

Here’s what could happen. You’re driving down a long country road in the pitch black of night. (Maybe it’s one ...

20th Oct, 2020

What happens when you scrap my car?

Scrap car prices rise in September, as industry continues recovery

Normally, rising prices isn’t a phrase that many of us greet with much enthusiasm – unless we’re the ones doing ...

16th Oct, 2020

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