Archive: November 2020

scrap car dealer

Can you drive a car without an MOT to the scrapyard?

The answer is basically no. But we appreciate you might want a bit more detail than that! You probably don’t ...

24th Nov, 2020

smiley driver

Driving could be about to get a lot tougher for young people

Here at Scrap Car Network, most of the cars we recycle are ELVs; End of Life Vehicles which have simply ...

24th Nov, 2020

10 Reasons You Should Scrap Your Car

Scrap Car Network achieves 5-star rating with 10,000 Trustpilot reviews

We’ve just passed a brilliant milestone this month here at Scrap Car Network – we’ve hit 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot! ...

10th Nov, 2020

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