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Can I get more cash for my scrap car by selling parts separately?

11th Nov, 2022

We’re often asked some variation of this question here at Scrap Car Network. Understandable, too – when you first think I need to scrap my car, it makes sense that you’ll want the maximum cash value from it. (That’s why we always take care to ensure we provide the very best prices for our customers!)

However, removing parts from your car before you scrap it definitely isn’t something we’d recommend. It’s true that some people do it, and make good money from doing so. But it’s not something we’d advise for the majority of our customers, largely because it takes a lot of time and effort, and there’s no guarantee that it will all be rewarded in the end.

One of the most obvious consequences is that it’s going to knock down the price you’ll get for your scrap car, as it’s less valuable to Authorised Treatment Facilities – and it may be quite tricky to make up the difference.

Now, we’re definitely not going to pretend it’s impossible – but here are some of the realities you need to know!

It can take a long time

If you decide to remove parts and sell them yourself, it means you’re committing to spending a considerable amount of extra time dealing with a car you want to get rid of. Every part of the process suddenly becomes a lot longer, from the operation of removing the parts themselves to the business of selling them.

Removing an engine for example often takes at least six to eight hours, and that’s if you already know exactly what you’re doing, and you’ve got all the tools required. Depending on what parts you’re thinking about removing, this can easily end up levelling out to a few full days of work, or a good couple of weekends. For lots of people, that essentially means working seven-day weeks for a bit, or else having the scrap car on their drive for another few months to come. Neither option is probably terribly appealing!

There’s also the fact that if you’re selling them online, as most people do, then the parts themselves could take weeks, months or even years to find a buyer. Even then, that’s not the end of your issues because…

It can be financially risky

A decent profit isn’t necessarily guaranteed when you’re selling car parts – again, not unless you already know exactly what you’re doing, and you’ve done your research around what the going rates for these parts are. Even then, you can expect people to haggle with you. That’s the nature of the game!

Some people will want to see their parts in person, especially the bigger or more expensive ones. That involves either transporting them off your premises, or waiting in for appointments that aren’t guaranteed to result in a sale (or even a showing in some cases, let’s be honest!).

And you can bet that if any of your parts have the slightest bit of damage or scuffing on them, that’s going to result in another round of haggling. That can be especially frustrating given that it’s easy to accidentally scratch some components when removing them, particularly if you’ve not got professional tools or expertise.

It can be physically dangerous

We spend so much time in our cars normally that it can be easy to forget just how dangerous they actually are. Airbags contain explosive elements. Several car fluids are toxic, as are the metals in a catalytic converter. None of which is too much of a concern usually, but when you’re trying to remove or drain these components to sell on separately, suddenly you’re being exposed to very real threats to your health and safety. So before you crack open the toolbox, it’s a good idea to take a moment to pause and ask yourself: is it worth the risk?

In short, unless you’ve already got some serious mechanical skills, tools and savvy, then all the extra time you put in often equates to essentially working for less than minimum wage. It’s easy to see why so many people choose to save themselves the hassle. Don’t worry though – you’ll always get the very best prices from us right here at Scrap Car Network.

Everything we do is geared towards saving you money, and making sure you get maximum cash for your scrap car. When you choose us, we’ll make sure to connect you with the nearest local scrapyard with the very best prices, so that they can pop by and pick up your car right from your driveway, without any travel costs or logistics cutting into the cash amount you’ll get.

Don’t just take our word for it – get an instant online quote today! It’s free, and there’s zero obligation until you decide you’re ready to proceed. Just enter your car reg and postcode into the fields on our site, and within seconds you’ll be looking at your very own instant online quote. Ready to find out how much your car is worth?

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