10 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car

Rust bucket or money maker – what’s on your driveway?

1st Nov, 2013

You could be sitting on a goldmine without even knowing it. Is your driveway or garage taken up by an old, rusty car that hasn’t hit the road in years? It may be worth more than you think.

A rusted car found in a barn in Wiltshire has turned out to be a big discovery- the 1928 Lea-Francis P Type is believed to be the only one left of its kind. Due to its rusted and broken down state, the car was going to be sold for scrap by the owners. However, after establishing that it is in fact a rare antique previously believed to have gone forever, the car will now be placed on auction, with estimates ranging from £5-15,000!

Whilst your rusty old banger might not be quite as valuable as that, it may still be worth more than you think.

The Scrap Car Network is a nationwide service that offers the best prices for unwanted and scrap cars. We don’t just scrap cars though- we will try to gain the most value for your car by looking to resell it before we consider scrapping.

With our nationwide coverage, we can get the best prices from dealers across the country. As a dedicated recycler, we have all the necessary resources to safely and responsibly recycle any cars that cannot be resold. This allows us to offer you the best price possible for your old car.

Simply log on to www.ScrapCarNetwork.org and fill in the short, easy form to receive the best quote available.

In addition, by choosing Scrap Car Network you will be making a significant contribution to your community. Helping sustain the award-winning Recycling Lives Charity, helping individuals who have faced homelessness make their way back to employment and independent living. You can even choose to donate your old banger to the charity through our sister site- CarDonationNetwork.org.

Now is the time to turn that rusty old car into profit- just log on to www.ScrapCarNetwork.org.

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