10 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car

Car Crime Hitting Motorists Hard

28th Oct, 2013

Although owning a car can be convenient, increasing rates of car crime can make it costly and frustrating. With particularly high rates of car crime taking place in Manchester, local residents are looking for a long-term solution.

High crime rates can result in higher insurance premiums so even if your car isn’t targeted directly, you could be paying more anyway. In some instances, even seemingly minor damage, such as a scratch or dent, can result in costly repairs and soaring insurance premiums.

For many people, the cost and hassle of owning a car is simply too much. With good public transports links around the City, many residents are finding that they don’t need to rely on a car to get about.

As well as avoiding the risk of car crime, going without a car can save residents hundreds or thousands of pounds a year.

If you’re considering selling or getting rid of your car, you may be surprised just how much you can get from a scrap car recycler in Manchester. The increasing cost of scrap metal means that car owners can receive great prices for their unwanted vehicles.

Scrap Car Network operates on a nationwide basis and offers car owners a great price for their car. We even arrange a convenient time and date to collect the car so you don’t need to worry about getting it to us.

As a Community Dotcom scheme, Scrap Car Network operates to sustain charity. In addition to supporting a wide range of charities, we also help to sustain the Recycling Lives social welfare charity which helps homeless people return to independent living.

By providing safe accommodation, training opportunities and work placements, Recycling Lives enables Residents to gain the skills and confidence they need to return to long-term employment and end the cycle of homelessness.

Many Residents even undertake work placements with Scrap Car Network. As well as providing them with practical work experience, it helps to increase self-esteem and build ties to the local community. Scrap Car Network is the clear choice when it comes to scrap car recycling in Manchester.

You can even be sure that your car will be recycled responsibly. We process every vehicle at an authorised recycling and waste management site so all car parts are recycled properly and won’t pose a risk to the environment in the future.

If you want to recycle your car ethically, help support charities and get a great price for your car, why not arrange a scrap car collection in Manchester? Simply contact Scrap Car Network today for more information.

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