10 Reasons You Should Scrap Your Car

Congestion Slowing Drivers Down

28th Oct, 2013

A recent survey has shown that drivers in and around Wigan are amongst the slowest in the country. It’s thought that heavily congested roads are slowing drivers down resulting in slow roads and increasing traffic.

Heavy congestion and the subsequent build-up of traffic is putting many people off driving in the area. Commuters, in particular, often cite traffic as a number one pet hate as it can add hours on to their day.

To avoid heavy congestion and waiting times, some car owners are opting to use public transport or are even cycling. The reduced cost is an added incentive for drivers considering switching to other forms of transport whilst environmentally aware travellers often opt for cycling over driving.

If you’re considering changing the way you travel, you may want to sell or dispose of your car. The price of scrap metal means that you can now get a great price for your car and drivers often find they can get a better price by scrapping their car than selling it privately!

If you want to sell a scrap car in Wigan, Scrap Car Network can help. We offer great prices for scrap cars and will even collect your vehicle. This means that you don’t have to worry about transporting cars which aren’t in a roadworthy condition or vehicles which are having problems starting.

With Scrap Car Network taking all the hassle out of selling your car, you don’t need to worry about how to dispose of it.

Simply enter the car details online and we will provide a competitive quote and arrange when to collect your car. We’ll even arrange for you to receive a certificate of destruction which can help you avoid fines and penalties later.

If you use Scrap Car Network to arrange a scrap car collection in Wigan, not only will you receive a great price for your car, you’ll also be helping to support charities.

We even commit to recycling your car in an ethically and environmentally friendly way. All the cars we recycle are processed at an authorised recycling and waste management site so every part and component is handled and recycled appropriately.

If you’ve got an unwanted car and would like to arrange collection of your scrap car in Wigan or the surrounding areas, it’s easy to do. Simply contact Scrap Car Network today to find out more.

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