10 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car

Local Flooding Affecting Drivers And Motorists

28th Oct, 2013

Torrential rain in the north west of England has done untold damage to houses and buildings in the area. In addition to damaging homes and businesses, flooding has caused significant damage to vehicles and cars, with some even being swept away.

Crews from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and local firefighters were called in to help rescue drivers and deal with cars that were swept away by rising water levels. The rainfall, which was measured at a rate of 8mm per hour, was even moving cars which were still occupied, hence the cause for concern.

When freak weather occurs, the initial cause for concern is, of course, the safety of people and animals. It is often only after the storm has passed that people can re-gain access to their properties and assess how much damage has been caused.

The recent flooding in Manchester and North Yorkshire left many people needing repairs to both their homes and their vehicles. Although properties can recover from flood damage, often the damage done to cars and vehicles in such weather means that they can’t be repaired cost effectively.

In some instances, cars won’t start at all after being submerged in flood water whilst other may start but aren’t safe to drive for any significant distance. If your car has been affected by the bad weather and flooding, you may be considering how to dispose of it effectively.

If the car is damaged, selling it privately may be difficult and part-exchange deals may not get you the best price. There is, however, an alternative. Scrapping your car in Manchester or the north of England can get you a great price for your vehicle without any of the hassle associated with selling it privately.

If you want to scrap your car in Manchester or the surrounding areas, why not contact Scrap Car Network? In addition to offering a great price for scrap cars in Manchester, Scrap Car Network will even collect your car which saves you trying to transport a car that’s difficult to drive or a trying to move a car that won’t start.

If you use Scrap Car Network to dispose of an unwanted vehicle, you can be sure that we will handle it in an environmentally friendly way. All the cars we pick up are handled at an authorised recycling and waste management site and our closed loop recycling system means that every car part and component is fully re-used or recycled where possible.

Using Scrap Car Network couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your car details online and we’ll provide a competitive quote. Once you’re happy to accept, we’ll arrange a convenient time and date to pick the car up and will even arrange for you to receive a certificate of destruction which will help you avoid fines and paperwork later!

As a Community Dotcom scheme, we are dedicated sustaining charities so by using Scrap Car Network to get a great price for your scrap car in Manchester, you’ll also be supporting local charities. If you want to scrap a car in Manchester or the surrounding areas, contact Scrap Car Network today.

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