10 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car

Rates Of Car Travel Continue To Decline

28th Oct, 2013

Despite car travel still being a popular form of transport, studies have shown that fewer of us are using cars to get to and from work on a regular basis.

Although 67% of commuters do still drive to work, this number has fallen by 2% over the last decade. Study leader, Dr Anna Goodman from the London School of Hygiene and Topical Medicine, suggests that the results highlight a decline in the rate of car use and an increase in the number of people using alternative forms of transport to commute such as electric scooters.

Whilst the cost of maintaining a car seems to rise each year, many are finding that using an alternative method of transport is far cheaper and more cost effective in the long run. In addition to this, more environmentally friendly types of transport are welcomed by those keen to reduce their carbon footprint or limit the negative impact of travel on the environment.

With more and more people turning to public transport, it seems the investment into our transport systems will pay off. Technological advances combined with a radical new re-design have resulted in new buses being introduced in London, much to passengers delight but plans haven’t stopped there.

Young designer, Alex Schey, has been working on a design which could make hybrid buses a reality in our cities whilst Chinese manufacturer BYD are committed to introducing solely electric buses to the market. As technology continues to advance and find a place in our transport systems, it seems that fewer and fewer of us will rely on our cars to commute.

With good transport links around the country, you made find that you’re already relying on your car less and less. With some households already having more than one car, many are deciding to scale back and sell one or both of their cars.

If you’re getting rid of a car, you may wonder how to go about it. Selling privately can be expensive and time-consuming but part-exchange deals rarely offer the best price for your car. If you’re looking for an alternative, you may consider getting a great price for your car by using a scrap car dealer in Manchester.

Using a scrap car buyer in Manchester can enable you to get a great price for your car without any hassle at all. Scrap Car Network will not only offer a competitive price for your scrap car but will come and collect it as well!

Our commitment to the environment means that we use the latest technologies to fully recycle car parts and components in order to minimise the potential damage to the environment. When you use Scrap Car Network you can be sure your car will effectively recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Scrap Car Network support and sustain charities, there are many reasons to use Scrap Car Network to get rid of your unwanted car. To get a quote for your scrap car in Manchester or the surrounding areas, contact Scrap Car Network!

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