10 Reasons You Should Scrap Your Car

Road Safety Concerns Reducing Number Of Drivers

28th Oct, 2013

Residents in Preston are raising concerns over the safety of the town’s roads. With traffic increasing in the area, many are concerned that accidents are inevitable unless changes are made to the road system.

Although no official plans have been released, there have been talks of extending double yellow lines to limit parking on busy roads but it’s unclear whether this will fully solve the problem. Increasing traffic, in addition to spiralling car costs, is leading some local drivers to consider alternative transport options.

In a bid to be more environmentally friendly, many drivers are switching to cycling or are using public transport in order to get around the area. Whilst many families are opting to sell a second vehicle, some are even foregoing their cars altogether and are relying solely on other forms of travel.

Although disposing of a vehicle seems straightforward, it can sometimes be more difficult than drivers originally anticipate. If you sell your car privately you may be forced to pay costly advertising fees as well as ensuring your availability if potential buyers want to view the car.

Rather than trying to sell your car privately, you may opt for a far simpler way of getting rid of your vehicle. Using a scrap car recycler in Preston can be a viable way to get a good price for your car with little effort.

Scrap Car Network makes it easy for driver to get rid of their unwanted vehicles but still offers car owners a competitive price for their car. Scrap Car Network will even collect your car so you don’t have to worry about delivering the car to our site.

As well as providing a great price for your scrap car, there are added incentives to use Scrap Car Network to dispose of your scrap car in Preston.

Although using Scrap Car Network means that you’ll be helping to sustain charities, this doesn’t negatively impact on the price that you get for your car. Scrap Car Network will still offer you a great price for your car and you can help support charities at the same time!

In addition to this, Scrap Car Network ensures that all the cars we handle are processed at an authorised recycling and waste management site so you can be confident that your car will be disposed of ethically and appropriately.

If you’ve got an unwanted scrap car in Preston, why not call Scrap Car Network and turn it into cash?

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