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All hail the award winning, eco-friendly Renault Zoe!

26th Nov, 2013

Congratulations to the all-electric Renault Zoe for it’s recent Green Apple Award win!

Commended for it’s combination of green credentials and real-world driving enjoyment, the Renault Zoe fought off strong competition from overall second place winner the Suzuki Swift to be voted the best green car of the year by Midlands-based motoring writers.

The annual Green Apple Awards, organised by Midlands-based The Green Organisation and judged by members of the Midland Group of Motoring Journalists (MGMW), also awarded the Zoe pole position in the small family-sector car category, with runner-up status going to the Honda Civic 1.6.

Lauched into the UK’s largest new car sector at a price judges believed to be comparable to diesel, the Renault Zoe was described by one judge (and quoted in The Sentinel Newspaper), as having the potential ‘to be the EV that switches people on to the idea of zero-emissions driving.’

And it seems his predictions could be right on the money as the RSPB has just taken delivery of a new Renault Zoe at the charity’s Bedfordshire base. Committed to reducing their CO2 emissions, with the impact of climate change on the long-term habitats of British birds and animals foremost in their minds, the RSPB is taking active measure to reduce the environmental impact of its 300 strong fleet vehicles.

Charged using a conventional three-pin 3kW connection, a faster 7kW link or a 43kW AC fast-charger, the award-winning Renault Zoe takes just 30minutes to increase its battery power from empty to 80% charged; and with an urban-setting range of 65 to 90 miles, the Zoe easily covers the operational needs of the RSPB’s headquarter staff.

So, could the Renault Zoe also be the car for you? Having read about our own green credentials and decided to scrap your unwanted car with the Scrap Car Network, why not consider doing yet more good for our environment by putting the payment you receive from our highly competitive, hassle-free service towards purchasing an eco friendly electric car? It may well prove an economically sound investment in the future.

For more information on numerous environmentally conscious, socially responsible services that could benefit both your pocket and your community, please visit the the Scrap Car Network’s award-winning, parent company website  Recycling Lives.

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