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Road Tax Refunds and Accident Damaged Cars

12th Oct, 2015

There are many reasons why you might need to scrap or sell you car due to the damage. Maybe you’ve been in an accident? Or perhaps your old car was even flood damaged?

Here we’ll explore the options that you have available when you have a damaged vehicle. Your car might not be repairable and only useful for spare or parts, so how much could you in scrap value? Maybe you’re entangled in an insurance process and want to ensure you are being quote&nbsp the right value for your accident damaged vehicle.

Can I sell my Accident Damaged vehicle?

We are often asked what kind of damaged vehicles we can deal with, and the answer is that we assess each vehicle on a case-by-case basis, thus ensuring you get the price you deserve – whether your car has been damaged by floods or is an insurance write off from a major accident / collision.

As a rule of thumb, we deal with the following types of damaged vehicles:

    • Insurance Write-offs.
    • Flood Damaged Cars, Bikes or Vans.
    • MOT Failures.
    • Salvage and Junk Cars, Bikes or Vans.
    • Damaged cars, Bikes or Vans.
    • Scrap Cars, Bikes or Vans
    • Collision Vehicles
    • End-of-life Vehicles (ELV)

How much is my damaged car worth?

We treat every case personally, and assess each individual vehicle by its condition, ensuring you get the best price. Your vehicle’s value is affected by many contributing factors, the main factors being: Car Weight, Type, Condition and Location.

Although we’re called Scrap Car Network, we also do a lot more than just scrap. If your vehicle is re-usable or a specific type of in-demand model or brand, we can re-sell, auction or potentially even salvage parts from it.

However, true to our nature, Scrap Car Network will also be there when the last option is the only option: To scrap your trusty stallion who’s unfortunately come to an end.

Scrap metal prices fluctuate, and therefore, the quote you will receive for your old vehicle will also. At today’s Scrap Car Value (PPT – Price Per Tonne) the average price for a saloon, with a weight of 1.590kg, will scrap for £103*. A larger car, such as an estate, with an average weight of 1.985kg will have a 25% higher scrap value than a saloon and a 47% higher scrap worth than a coupé at a weight of 1.354kg. If you’re interested in what yours might be worth, check out your price now by entering your registration and postcode into our no obligation scrap car valuation system.

*Information correct at time of publishing. Other factors are taken into account whilst determining your Scrap Value.

What if I’m in the process of an Insurance Claim?

Insurance claims for accident damaged vehicles happen firstly by grading the damage level from A through to D, with A being minor and D being a catastrophic write-off.

Dependent on the level and severity of damage, an outcome is given based on the “Classification of Total Loss” of your vehicle. (Will it cost more to fix than it’s worth?)

Sometimes the outcome of this can be a bit shocking, for example, you might know that the vehicle is a write-off, but expect a lot more than the measly £100 the insurer has offered you for it. This is where we come in.

You are entitled to price and get a quotation for your vehicle during this process to ensure its validity, and in certain circumstances, it might be more economical and rewarding for you, personally, to scrap or sell your vehicle with Scrap Car Network, avoiding all the paperwork of the insurance and also getting more in return towards your next pride & joy.

What about my Insurance, do I need SORN?

As a network of ATF’S (Authorised Treatment Facilities) we are able to help you with most of the processes involved. We will handle all of the relevant DVLA paperwork and provide you with a CoD (Certificated of Destruction) where necessary. This basically means you don’t have to pay insurance or even have your vehicle SORN, as long as you DON’T DRIVE IT WHILE UNTAXED OR UNINSURED! 

What about my Road Tax?

Once you’ve got your V5 filled and sent off to the DVLA, they use this, along with our CoD, to issue a refund on your road tax for the remaining covered period.

The following types of refund are what you can expect: (just in case you call it something else)

    1. Car Tax Refund
    2. Road Tax Refund
    3. Tax Disc Refund
    4. DVLA Tax Refund

How does a DVLA tax refund happen?

Since the 1st October 2014 it’s no longer necessary to have a paper tax disc, or even fill out a V14 and send it to the DVLA for a refund.

Instead, DVLA will automatically refund any outstanding tax coverage time, generally within a few weeks of receiving your Certificate of Destruction from us. We send this immediately after we have processed your vehicle.

In the case that you do have some road tax remaining, the DVLA will automatically refund the remainder. However, the way this happens will differ depending on the outcome for your vehicle. For instance, Option A is that it is scrapped, or Option B is that it is repaired and returned to the road.

Option A (Scrapping) –

The Certificate of Destruction (COD) we send to the DVLA as soon as we process your vehicle will automagically trigger the DVLA to issue the refund. This will be backdated to the very moment you handed over your vehicle.

Option B (Return to Road) –

If we are able to sell, auction or salvage your vehicle, we will send you instructions on how to get your refund. The process is simple, just fill in the little yellow section of your V5C – Section 9. Once you’ve sent that to the DVLA, they’ll automagically issue a refund for the remainder of your covered period. This is done via cheque, which is sent to the registered keeper (you), usually within a few weeks.                                                                                                

As a dedicated recycler, we will ensure that if your vehicle ends as scrap or salvage, that it is recycled in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, whilst also maximising the value to you.

By choosing Scrap Car Network for your accident damaged or theft recovered car salvage, you will not only get the best price and an unparalleled service- you will be helping some of the most vulnerable people in YOUR community.

For every accident damaged or stolen and recovered car we buy, we generate funds which help to support the award-winning Recycling Lives Charity, helping individuals who have faced homelessness make their way back to employment and independent living.

That’s a winning combo – the best value to you, your community and the environment. (And your Wallet!)

Arrange a free collection of your scrap car. Simply enter the registration of your Accident Damaged, Theft Recovered, Salvage, or Scrap vehicle now.

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