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Latest Bond film racked up a colossal £24m of scrap

27th Oct, 2015

What do the Aston Martin DB10, a Land Rover, a Jaguar C-X75 and an aeroplane have in common?

They are all apparently worth destroying for a certain spy film franchise, despite their mammoth price tags, totalling a staggering scrap bill of £24m. Yes, that’s six 0’s. £24,000,000.

During the filming of the highly anticipated new James Bond movie, stunt coordinators for Spectre destroyed seven specially designed Aston Martin DB10s and a roster of other vehicles, costing in excess of £24m, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Alongside the seven Aston Martins, a further three DB10s featured the famous DB5 ejector seat from timeless 1964 classic Goldfinger. A Land Rover belonging to one the film’s villains was also destroyed for a key action scene involving a collision with a plane piloted by Bond.

“We set the record for smashing up cars on Spectre” Gary Powell, Spectre’s chief stunt coordinator, told the newspaper. “In Rome, we wrecked millions of pound’s worth of vehicles; they were going into the Vatican at top speeds of 110mph. We shot one entire night for four seconds of film”.

Significant damage was done during filming in Rome, in a scene involving a chase with 007’s DB10 being chased by a villain’s Jaguar C-X75. The scene itself was filmed against the backdrop of the Colosseum and along the Tiber River.

While the £24m accounts for more than 10% of Spectre’s massive £200-million budget, the DB10s were obtained from Aston Martin for less than full cost due to an ongoing deal with the manufacturers to provide cars for the Bond Movies.

As eye-watering as the £24m bill sounds, it’s got nothing on the 230 cars that were reportedly scrapped on the set of Fast & Furious 7, which included several Mercedes-Benz’s, a Ford Crown Victoria and a Mitsubishi Montero.

Either way, that’s a whole lot of scrap, which here at Scrap Car Network we know a lot about. So, if you’ve just filmed a blockbusting action movie (or maybe just tried to recreate one of the scenes and failed miserably), and need to scrap a car for cash, then scrap your car with us for the best price possible!

To read more about this story, go to : http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/sep/28/james-bond-movie-spectre-cars-written-off-aston-martin-db10-daniel-craig.

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