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Google search fails for petrol heads

9th Nov, 2015

In a society where the internet has all the answers, it’s no surprise that we tend to turn to our old pal Google for those inevitable car related problems. But sometimes, Google asks more questions than it answers. Check out these really weird google search suggestions:

1. There’s a Deer in my car?


Because who hasn’t found themselves in this situation?

2. What happens when you fart in a smart car?


We imagine this wouldn’t be the most pleasant experience – but why people are googling this is beyond us.

3. Why is there a car outside my house?


We’re not entirely sure you’d know this one google. It could be something to do with the fact that people tend to park cars on roads? Just a guess.

Perhaps these people should have googled for a better solution…

4. Duct Tape fixes everything.


If in doubt, Duct Tape.

5. Has anybody seen the flashlight?


Well, this seems perfectly safe…

6. Why not chuck some paracetamol in the engine too?


Has anyone got some Savlon?

Don’t end up having a fail like these guys. If you have to hold your car together with Duct Tape(or perhaps those deers have caused havoc), maybe you should think about scrapping your car for the best price at www.scrapscarnetwork.org .

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