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8 Perfect Songs for Winter Driving

16th Nov, 2015

The weather is getting colder and the streets are lined with illuminated reindeer which can only mean one thing: winter is well and truly on the way. We love a winter drive here at Scrap Car Network, which got us thinking about our perfect winter playlist. So whether you’re driving home for Christmas or just want some tunes for your dark, wintery commute, check out our perfect winter song suggestions and let us know what you think.

1. The White Stripes – In the Cold, Cold Night.


The name really says it all with this one. The White stripes are best known for their hit “Seven nation army”, but they’ve made it onto this list for their wintery 2003 single which is perfect for those icy evening drives.


2. Keane: Somewhere Only We Know


Hitting number three in the UK singles chart, this song became an instant classic. When Lily Allen re-recorded it for the famous John Lewis Christmas advert, it became a festive favourite – but we are still big fans of the original. Also great for staring wistfully out of frosty windows (not recommended while driving).


3. Queen- Don’t Stop Me Now


Time to introduce a classic. Who doesn’t know all the words to Don’t Stop Me Now? Reaching gold status in three countries, it would be criminal not to include this on our list. Forget the cold, turn up the volume and sing to your heart’s content, for that festive feel-good factor.


4. Europe- The Final Countdown.


This catchy song will have you singing at the top of your voice, and unconsciously whistling way-way after. For those of you who’ve been counting down until Christmas since September (you know who you are), this is perfect for the weeks leading to the big day.


5. Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends


From Green Day’s famous 2004 album American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends is an emotionally charged tune, with a theme of reminiscence and loss. A striking song, it’s great to take things down a key (and you will need to get your breath back after belting out the previous two).


6. Oasis – Half the World Away.


John Lewis’s hold over Christmas knows no bounds. Aurora’s cover of this song made it to the highly anticipated 2015 ad, which means it is now a Christmas song, weather Oasis like it or not.


7. Band Aid 30- Do They Know It’s Christmas


We had to include at least one Christmas song on the list, and what better than this classic. What’s more, it was recorded for a great cause – and we think it’s really important to help others less fortunate as the festive season approaches (see our charity to see how we help vulnerable people with every car we scrap).


8. Adele – Hello.


Unsurprisingly, Adele’s comeback has been a huge success, with this song showing no signs of shifting from the top of the charts. Her beautiful voice and deep, nostalgic lyrics make this the perfect song on a dark, wintery night. The high notes are also great to belt out on the roads; after all, in the comfort of our cars, we can all hold a high note like Adele.

What would be on your winter playlist? Let us know. For more news, lists, and car hacks, follow us on twitter at @scrapcarnetwork and like our page on Facebook. Check out our website to get a quick quote, to see how much your old car could be worth.

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