10 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car

8 of the craziest things found on Google street view

3rd Dec, 2015

Most of us spend a lot of time in our cars, but should we spend more of that time looking out of the window? Check out some of the gems caught on camera by the Google street view car.


1. Don’t fall: it gets you down.


It’s bad enough falling over and embarrassing yourself in front of 10 people in a public place, never mind being photographed for over 3 billion internet users to giggle at #epicfail


2. Please don’t feed the birds.


There’s nothing worse than pesky pigeons bothering you while you try to eat your lunch, but this guy is proving to be a particularly annoying obstagull (sorry).


3. Party time.


You’ve probably guessed what this one’s about from the caption, and if you haven’t then we suggest you ask your parents. Looking like they’ve walked straight off the set of Wayne’s world, we can only wonder what these two are up to…party on!


4. The great escape.


Caught in the act. Whilst making his big escape from a maximum-security prison in the middle of nowhere, we reckon this guy wasn’t betting on running into a car with 15 cameras attached. Busted.


5. Happy birthday.


Not many kids can relive their birth on Google street view. This must make an excellent dinner-table story – and there’s no disputing the evidence.


6. Only in Scotland.


The Scottish have a reputation for having a love of the weird and wonderful, but we can’t think of any circumstances in which we’d need a horse mask. Debate has already started in the office over what’s worse, that jumper or the mask. You deicide…


7. Birds of feather… stand in line together?


Who knew something would make the horse mask look commonplace. We don’t even know where to begin with this, so we will leave it for you to puzzle over.


8. Burn, baby burn.


This guy is not having a good day. First his van was set on fire, and then he couldn’t find any shirts. Luckily, we know how he can get a great price for that vehicle (once he has put the fire out)…

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