Scrap Car Network: the reputable way to say Scrap My Car!

We buy any car

12th Oct, 2015

At Scrap Car Network, we are committed to providing the best prices and service when you choose to sell a car. Which is exactly why we buy any car! If you’re thinking of selling a car and want instant prices for it, then simply enter your reg and postcode and we’ll instantly give you a price for it. When we say we buy any car, we mean it:

    • Accident damaged cars
    • Write-offs
    • Brand new cars
    • Second hand cars
    • High mileage vehicles
    • Damaged bodywork

We’re here to serve you, and know that it can at times be frustrating to get a price for your car, which is why we’ve made our entire service available online! We really will buy any car!

It’s give and take…

Every time someone says “Scrap my car!” they also help charity. Scrap Car Network is part of the Community Dotcom project from Queen’s award-winning recyclers Recycling Lives. So when you sell a car to us, we recycle or resell it (both of which we’ve won awards for!) then give profits to charity! It really is that simple – we will buy any car! If you’re selling your old car in order to get a new one, why not also take a look at getting a private number plate that makes you stand out from the crowd? NewReg are a provider of private number plates that have been helping charity for a number of years now, so it’s ethical too!

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