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What you need to know about scrap car prices

12th Oct, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Scrap Car Prices

Gone are the days of haggling over the price of your car with someone you met on Ebay or Autotrader… In recent years, scrapping a car for cash has easily become one of the most popular options for most people needing their cars removed, and it’s no wonder why.

Follow us on this guided tour of scrap car prices to learn exactly why so many people are saying Scrap My Car!

Size matters.

Scrap cars are normally grouped into categories. One of the most commonplace grouping types for scrap cars is by weight. The heavier your car, the more you get paid… most of the time…

Names count.

Cars are also valued depending on their brand. Many car recyclers will do what’s known as “autobraking” – dismantling the core components of your car before the chasis is scrapped for its weight in metal. The process of autobraking allows for scrap cars to be re-used as well as recycled, giving people with less disposable income the ability to repair their cars, that without this option would otherwise inevitably be written off. Specific brands have specific components, some of which are more valuable and demanded than others.

Go local.

One reason Scrap Car Network can always offer an outstanding quote is because we keep it local to you. No matter where you are in the UK – the closer you are to our scrap car collection partners, the more you will be offered*.
* Only when choosing the collection option

Try another area.

Not been offered the right price for your scrap car using your postcode? Try a friends. You’d be surprised how much the offer could differ from area to area, depending on what partners operate in that specific area and what they’re looking for.

The devil’s in the details.

Sometimes you can miss off a piece of important information about your car, such as it’s mileage or age. This doesn’t sound too important, but actually can make your scrap car price completely incorrect. It’s always worth-while double checking your information, and if necessary speak to an advisor about what options you have.

If you’re still looking for Scrap Car Prices – why not enter your reg and postcode in our quick scrap car price calculator? You’ll be amazed with what you could get!

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