FAQ: Do I need my V5C To Scrap My Car?

FAQ: Do I need my V5C To Scrap My Car?

24th Oct, 2016

If you’ve never scrapped a car before (and who has loads of cars to scrap?), there’s a good chance there are a few things you’re not sure about. One of the most common questions we hear is “Do I need my V5C to scrap my car?”

Read on to find out the answer – and the small print, of course!

What is a V5C and why is it important?

A V5C – otherwise known as your Vehicle Registration Document or ‘log book’ – is the document that proves your car is registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

It also shows who’s the registered keeper of the car, and it’s up to the registered keeper – namely, you – to let the DVLA know if the car has been taken off the road, written off or scrapped.

Your V5C (if you’re desperately searching for it as you read this!) is usually blue and maroon on the front, and blue and pale green on the back. And, despite the name, it’s paper – not an actual book.

I don’t know where my V5C is – can I still scrap my car?

OK, so you’ve lost your V5C, or you never remember seeing it in the first place – we know what it’s like with paperwork.

The good news is that, yes, you can still scrap your car without your V5C – there’s no legal requirement to have one at that point. Registering your car as scrapped is a bit more complicated without a V5C, but only by a little.

If you’re ready to scrap your car with us but you don’t have the V5C, the first thing is to let us know. We’ll be able to arrange a collection date for you and let your local collection agents know not to expect a V5C from you.

You also need to let the DVLA know you’re scrapping the car with us. You’ll need to do this in writing, giving them the following information:

  • Your details
  • The details of your car (registration number, make, model)
  • Our details
  • The date of sale (from you to us)

With that information, the DVLA will be able to update their database and make sure you’re no longer registered as the keeper of your soon-to-be scrap car.

A word of warning: while Scrap Car Network can scrap your car without the V5C, you are legally obliged to contact the DVLA in writing to declare that the car is off the road and ready to be fully de-registered. If you don’t, the DVLA could prosecute you and land you with a hefty fine.

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