Scrap my car, help my community Our charity work

Scrap my car, help my community: Our charity work

7th Oct, 2016

When it comes to scrap cars, all the online services can start to blur into one, can’t they? But there’s only one car scrapping service that comes complete with its own social welfare charity – and that’s Scrap Car Network.

Read on to find out how saying Scrap My Car! with Scrap Car Network can help communities near you to thrive and grow.

Our social welfare charity

recycling lives welfare charity

Scrap Car Network is part of the Recycling Lives family. Recycling Lives is a two-time Queen’s Award-winning UK waste management company that delivers ground-breaking recycling services to companies and organisations right across the country.

Recycling Lives operates a pioneering business model that sees profits from its commercial activities poured back into its dedicated social welfare charity, which provides accommodation, work experience, and training and employment opportunities to people in need.

Scrap Car Network is one of our charity’s most valuable income streams – every single one of the scrap cars we process helps to increase the funding we can offer to vulnerable people.

Improving the environment and employment

SCN - Improving the environment and employment

It’s not all a numbers game Scrap Car Network, either – the scrap cars we process are recycled at Authorised Treatment Facilities right across the UK, helping to boost the economy in your local area.

The processing centres near us also provide much-needed work experience, training and employment opportunities to the people we help. Recycling and waste management is a growth industry, so qualifications and experience in that sector are a good bet for people looking for a stable job.

Plus, it’s great for the environment, too!

No need to choose between charity and cash

scrap car parts

In an ideal world, we’d all have enough money to be able to give regularly to charity. But, in real life, many of us can find ourselves strapped for cash and struggling to make our own ends meet, which makes supporting those in need really difficult.

Saying Scrap My Car! with Scrap Car Network allows you to support a registered UK charity while still getting a great price for your scrap cars. We don’t take away any of the value of your scrap car to support our charity work – you get the whole price, and we make our revenue through recycling.

It’s a win-win situation.

Car Scrapping with real charity benefits

While scrap cars might be of no use to their owners, they’re a vital source of income for the Recycling Lives charity and the homeless people it helps. Car scrapping not only offers us the chance to process and profit from the scrap materials found in old vehicles, it enables us to provide opportunities for people who otherwise wouldn’t have them.

We also work with scrap car collection partners across the UK, helping to increase their income and boost the local economy – you benefit from the quality and reliability of a reputable national service, while knowing that the scrap cars we collect are helping companies near you.

Are you thinking “I should scrap my car“? Scrap Car Network is the UK’s largest car scrapping service. Get the best scrap car price for your vehicle today!

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