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Have You Ever Lost Your Car?

2nd Feb, 2018

So you can’t find your keys. It’s an annoying but sadly not unfamiliar feeling. We’ve all done it at some point, and we’ll all do it again. But losing your keys is easy. You might think it would be a bit harder to lose a car, but apparently it’s more common than you might think. A man in Manchester was once reunited with his car after having lost it for six months – and he’s not even the only one!

That Feeling of Forgetting Something…

As any Mancunian will tell you, the Stone Roses are something of a big thing in the North West, and they have fans all over Britain. One such fan was visiting Manchester from Scotland in June of 2016, down to see a Stone Roses concert in the city centre. He parked his vehicle somewhere in the region of the Etihad Stadium, and went to enjoy the music. However, when he came back, he found he’d forgotten which car park he had left it in. He spent five whole days looking for it before finally giving up and returning home.

lost car

Having emailed various local companies and Manchester City Council, he then reported the vehicle as lost or stolen in August. Then on the 30th of December, six months later, officers found the vehicle in a multi-storey car park. It had racked up quite an impressive array of parking tickets by then – Greater Manchester Police estimated it to be in the region of around £5,000. There’s still no word on whether the driver paid them!

And another man across the North Sea took it a step further…

The Longest-Lost Car

Not to be outdone, a man in Germany was recently reunited with his car after having lost it for two whole decades. He originally reported it lost to German police back in 1997. In November of 2017, the demolition of a building was being held up by a mystery vehicle parked in its garage. After a bit of investigation, the construction company was forced to find out who its owner was – and that’s when the 76 year old received a call telling him his car had been found. Surprisingly enough, he chose not to take the vehicle back, given that it was no longer in working condition (and probably hadn’t been for quite some time). It was sent to the scrap heap instead.

lost scrap car

Here at Scrap Car Network, we deal with a lot of scrap cars (as you might expect). Very few of them have been lost, though – most of them come to us when their drivers enter in their car reg and postcode into our homepage, and act on their instant online quote. If you’ve got a car to scrap of your own (and you’ve not lost it or anything), feel free to get in touch with us. We’re committed to providing the best prices and a top quality service!

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