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Recycling Lives Enjoys Record-Breaking Year!

6th Feb, 2018

Our ethics are hugely important to us as a business here at Scrap Car Network, as you’d expect from an organisation founded by Recycling Lives. You may already know a bit about Recycling Lives – our parent company has gained national recognition for its unique business model, which combines both commercial and charitable activities. Thanks to the tireless work of its staff, it’s recently enjoyed its biggest year yet, paving the way for it to do more good than ever.

Better Success For A Greater Social Impact

Recycling Lives publishes its annual accounts this week, and the results are pretty impressive. The recycling and waste management business is reporting a sharp increase in sales – nearly 50%, in fact – bringing the total value to over £46 million. Recycling Lives has won a raft of major new contracts throughout the year, including with respected businesses like Sellafield Ltd and Speedy Hire. In addition to these, Recycling Lives has also acquired a car salvage firm, and opened a remarkable number of five new sites across the UK throughout 2016/17, bringing its new total to nine!

This has a range of positive implications for not only the success of the business itself, but also the ever-expanding scope of its charitable activities. The Managing Director of the Recycling Lives Group, William Fletcher, put it best when he said: “this profitable growth is allowing us to significantly expand our social footprint and offer more opportunities as the charity’s growth follows the business’s growth. It’s allowed us to create many more jobs – we’ve grown our staff team by 23% in just the last year. Our impressive growth, coupled with the incredible social impact created by our charitable programmes, shows that Recycling Lives is here for good.”

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Recycling Lives’ Charitable Activities

As we touched upon earlier, Recycling Lives combines its commercial activities with charitable pursuits. At Scrap Car Network, we’re very proud to be one of those commercial activities, but what about the social aspects? Well, Recycling Lives’ very own residential charity is probably the most well-known example of its charitable ventures, providing a safety net to formerly homeless people, and giving them accommodation, one-on-one support, and skills training to prepare them for eventual employment. Through this, Recycling Lives has a brilliant track record in helping people put their lives back together again.

Alongside this, the business also runs an offender rehabilitation programme in nine prisons nationwide, which similarly prepares offenders with skills they’ll need for re-entry into the working world upon their release. This type of social venture has a proven success rate in reducing the rate of re-offending, and all Recycling Lives’ statistics back this up – in 2015/16, 37 out of 38 participants in this programme didn’t reoffend. Finally, Recycling Lives has partnered with Fareshare to open its Food Redistribution Centre, with the aim of tackling food poverty and cutting down on the amount of food waste. Since this centre first opened in 2015, it’s distributed an amazing amount of 1 million meals – and counting!

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At Scrap Car Network, our work supports and sustains the charitable activities of Recycling Lives – which means that when you scrap your car with us, you’ll be helping improve the life of another human being. And really, what better bonus could there be? You can get your instant online quote by entering in your car reg and postcode onto our homepage. Go on – couldn’t hurt to check, could it?

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