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A Guide to Scrapping Your Car

29th Jan, 2018

A broken and unusable car is no good to you. If it doesn’t run, fails to start on a regular basis or guzzles petrol more than before, then there’s a good chance your car is on its last legs and no amount of work and money will be worth the effort of fixing it. However, getting rid of your car can be difficult if you don’t follow the right steps.

Why Should I Scrap My Car?

Here are a few common reasons why people would scrap their car:

  • Car is old or broken and has no resale value.
  • It was recently damaged in an accident.
  • It’s no longer roadworthy.
  • You need to dispose of a vehicle.
  • You can no longer afford to run it.

How Scrap Car Network Can Help

Many scrap yards try to charge you for scrapping your vehicle. This is absurd because most genuine scrapyards are willing to pay you a small price for your scrap car, and they’re usually willing to come collect it as well. The entire process should be stress-free and involve as few forms as possible.

This is where Scrap Car Network steps in.

Scrap Car Network is one of the biggest scrap car collection services in the UK. All you need to do is enter your car registration number and postcode. We’ll take any make and model regardless of the condition. You’ll receive an instant price and no obligation quote. If you’re happy with it, we’ll take care of everything else. We’ll arrange a free collection of your vehicle and also handle all of the paperwork. No matter where you are in the UK, we’ll be able to pick up your vehicle and recycle it while paying you a great price.

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The Importance of an Authorised Treatment Facility

It’s important to find an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) when scrapping your vehicle. These are the only legally permitted places to scrap your vehicle because they have the means to dispose of hazardous materials such as car batteries. There are many unauthorised scrapyards that operate illegally without a license. They might not send you a Certificate of Destruction to prove that you have scrapped your vehicle, and the methods they use to scrap a vehicle could be harmful to the environment or unethical.

Scrap Car Network will pair you with a local scrapyard that has earned their Authorised Treatment Facility license to give you peace of mind when scrapping your vehicle. You’re also guaranteed to receive your Certificate of Destruction once the job is complete to avoid an £80.00 fine for failing to inform the DVLA.

Notifying the DVLA and Other Legal Matters

You’ll need to notify the DVLA that you’re no longer responsible for the vehicle you are scrapping to avoid road tax. You’ll need to fill in a section of the V5C document (vehicle log book) or SORN in exchange for your Certificate of Destruction.

Scrap Car Network can save you the headache of dealing with legal matters. Simply hand your DVLA paperwork to our representative and we’ll send you the Certificate of Destruction. The DVLA will automatically refund unused road tax, and you will also need to contact your insurers who will also give you a financial return.

Scrap Car Network Can Help You Avoid Potential Problems

Due to the internet, it’s rather easy to make a legitimate looking website in order to fool people, and shady dealers can abuse your lack of knowledge for their personal gain. Scrap Car Network is one of the UK’s largest scrap car collection services and we pride ourselves on operating a legitimate top-quality service. From the moment you make a booking to the collection or drop-off of your vehicle, we’ll never let our standards slip.

One of the most common problems you’ll run into when scrapping a vehicle is being offered cash for your vehicle. While it might seem tempting, it’s actually illegal because of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act and scrapyards must now pay you via a cheque or bank transfer. Any other form of payment are prohibited and are a clear sign that the dealer is shady. Scrap Car Network pays its customers via bank transfer. This is to enforce security and to keep accurate records of the transaction. We will never offer you cash for your vehicle because it’s simply illegal, and any scrapyard that does so is operating illegally.

Another common trick that illegitimate scrapyards use is to confuse you with wording on certain documents. For instance, they might play with the wording on “Certificate of Destruction” and give you a fake document that cannot be used as official confirmation that you have scrapped your vehicle. At Scrap Car Network, our Authorised Treatment Facilities will provide you with a legitimate Certificate of Destruction so you can confirm the destruction of your vehicle with the DVLA.

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