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Is Your Car Struggling With The Winter?

25th Jan, 2018

Nobody looks forward to winter driving. It’s more difficult, it’s more dangerous, and it can put quite a strain on your car. While cars are obviously designed to withstand the cold as much as possible, snow, ice and chills can still end up affecting your vehicle. Some parts are more vulnerable than others, so here on the blog this week at Scrap Car Network we thought it was worth detailing a couple of them. As the saying goes: the more you know!

We’ll be talking about how the winter conditions can affect:

  1. Your battery
  2. Your tyres
  3. Your alternator

So, ready to get right into it?

Take A Look At Your Battery

 car battery flat

Car batteries are without a shadow of a doubt the main cause of breakdowns during the winter. According to the RAC, they account for almost a fifth of problems. The chilly weather causes the battery to lose power, which means that the engine will require more power to start up and continue to run. (They’re sort of like humans in that regard.)

Shorter journeys can place a particular strain on the battery, so it’s worth braving the cold if you’re only making a quick trip down to the shops. It’s also a good idea to get your battery checked ahead of time, just to double-check it’s up to the strain of the weather ahead.

Don’t Let Your Tyres Get Tired

 tyres in the snow

Tyres are a common root of vehicle problems throughout the year, and it’s no different in winter. The RAC says that 15% of the breakdown problems they deal with are to do with tyres. Whether it’s an issue of getting traction against the icy roads, or hitting a pothole (which are common in winter), good tyres are absolutely essential for dealing with winter driving. Don’t neglect to get yours checked!

Remember Your Alternator

car alternator

Alternators or alternator belts are two more components that often fail during the winter. Your alternator provides the power and energy from your engine that’s required to charge the battery, so if your alternator fails, that could leave you without the power you need to…you know, go. If your car fails to start, and you know you’ve just gotten a new battery, that might be the reason why!

For better or worse, the condition of the alternator is mostly out of your hands, and there’s not much you can do to prolong its lifespan aside from staying out of deep water. But keep your ears out for a squeal on start-up or while driving, as the alternator may well be the cause!

If your car is struggling to cope with the winter, you might decide that it’s best to cut your losses and scrap your car. At the end of 2017, Cheshire Police caught this driver, who they think should have scrapped his car a long time ago. We can’t say we disagree! If your car is looking and feeling like its best days might be behind it, don’t keep yourself in denial too long. At Scrap Car Network we’re committed to offering you the best price when you scrap your car. Just head on over to our homepage and enter in your car reg and postcode to get your instant online quote. It’s really that easy!

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