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Forget flying cars – is a mind-controlled Mercedes in our future?

17th Dec, 2021

When cars and the future are concerned, the possibilities are endless. For decades, humanity has envisioned giving cars the ability to quickly transform into aircraft and fly in the air, so much that even prototypes have been made. However, there is a new contender to what the future may bring – and that’s mind-controlled cars! Before you know it, you may be looking to scrap my car for one of these innovative new models.

What is meant by a mind-control car?

Mercedes have been pushing the limits of technological advancements recently with their new Vision AVTR concept car. The brain-computer interface also known as BCI allows passengers to control the vehicle with a simple thought.

Whether that be changing music as the car drives for you, or thinking of a certain location and sitting back and relaxing while it takes care of the rest. At least, that’s the goal. The vehicle also includes the feature of recognising drivers by their breathing patterns and heartbeats – which is as innovative as it is unsettling.

How it works

A device that is fitted around the driver’s head is required when inside the car. This consists of electrodes that read brain waves, the information is then processed and relayed to the car allowing for actions to be performed. There’s then a small calibration time when the headband is first put on, and takes roughly a minute before you’re ready to go.

Throughout the dashboard, there are different light buttons that allow for different actions to be taken. The driver must focus on a specific one for the function to activate. The higher the focus the stronger the neuronal activity is which helps guide your brain waves to the action you’re looking to use.

When can the public expect one?

Unfortunately, if this seems like something you would be interested in, you’ll have to wait. Mercedes have made it very clear that this technology will not be available any time soon to the average car owner. Although this may be disappointing news for some, even the simple development of the technology itself is still a step in the right direction with physical proof that it’s possible to achieve.

Will it replace flying cars?

If you haven’t heard already, flying cars are being developed (in fact, we covered the maiden flight of one quite recently here on the blog). Mercedes recently created a prototype that took two years and a budget of £1.7m. After just under 3 minutes, the car can fully transform into an aircraft. Now when it comes to the distant future of transportation, in particular cars, no one can be certain what will become mainstream. Although, when looking at both flying cars and mind-controlled ones, they seem to be appealing to varying audiences.

So, it’s a possibility that both may receive increased investment that could see them becoming widely available. However, don’t expect this to happen anytime soon!

Other ideas in the making

Alongside mind-controlled and flying cars there are some other concepts that have been presented. For example, Aston Martin has showcased their version of future cars with an autonomous vehicle that includes an interior similar to that of a living room.

The idea that new technology doesn’t require a manual driver creates the perfect environment to completely transform how cars are designed on the inside.

Next on the list is the Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow. A fully electric car that can reach 60 miles per hour in just 2 seconds. If you’re wondering what makes this unique, it’s because the car’s design is shaped like an arrow and is only rideable by one person.

Is electricity the way forward?

For those that haven’t heard already, the Government has announced that from 2030 onwards only new electric cars can be sold in the United Kingdom. New traditional petrol and diesel vehicles will be completely banned.

This basically means that most futuristic cars will include an organic battery to power the vehicle. So once new crazy ideas are released, expect the majority of them to be powered solely by electricity.

The future awaits

The future of the automobile industry looks truly fascinating. As time progresses it will be interesting to see what future concepts come to light that could revolutionise our daily lives. Whether that be flying from one country or another, or driving a car with just your mind, it’s exciting to think about.

Although you may not be able to purchase one of these cars just yet, if you are looking to upgrade, then why not scrap your car with us? It all starts with a free, no-obligation quote, then hassle-free collection of your vehicle, and same-day finalisation of cash for your car, to be delivered straight to your bank account. How about that, eh?

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