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25th Nov, 2016

Booking a scrap car for collection with us is easy – just enter a few details and we’ll send you a competitive quote, which includes pickup, recycling and legal disposal of your old banger. We make it as easy as possible to get your scrap car picked up, and we pay our competitive price straight to your bank account – what could be simpler?

Local car pickup wherever you are

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The great thing (one of many!) about Scrap Car Network is that we’re a local scrap car dealer wherever you are in the UK. That’s because we work with hundreds of reputable scrap metal merchants and recyclers to deliver great service to car-owners across Britain.

So, whether you’re in Southampton or Sunderland, Edinburgh or Eyam, we’ve got a local scrap car pickup partner who can come and get your vehicle right from your home. That’s great news for you – and everyone else, for that matter – because:

It’s great for the environment: our local scrap car collection partners mean fewer heavy, fuel-guzzling vehicles making long trips. We’ll get a car recycler near you to pop over, pick up your car and get it sorted.

It’s cost effective: if we don’t have to send a collection partner halfway across the country to reach you, that means we make savings. And if we make savings, you get a better price. Win!

It’s quick: if you need us there in a jiffy, a local pickup partner is ideal. We’ll send someone to you as quickly as possible, and get that old car off your property and into our recycling centre.

Scrap car pickup for vehicles in any condition

Scrap Car Collection Service

When we say that we’ll collect any scrap car, we mean it. In fact, we’ll take any old motor vehicle off your hands – motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks…you name it, we want it. We’ll even take:

  • Insurance write-offs
  • Flood damaged vans, cars or bikes
  • MOT failures
  • Salvage and junk vans, cars or bikes
  • Damaged vans, cars or bikes
  • Vans, cars or bikes
  • End of life Vehicles (ELV)

So it doesn’t matter what a state your car’s in – if there’s still scrap metal there to salvage, we’ll do our best to offer you a great quote for it. And yes, we’ll still pick it up – even if it’s a wreck!

Don’t need your scrap car picked up?

If you’re happy to drive your old car to us, we may be able to offer you a better price for it – after all, you’re saving us a trip!

Scrap car collection is a popular part of our service but, if it’s not something you need, talk to a member of our team today and we’ll see what we can do about getting you an even more competitive quote for your car.

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