Why it pays to choose a reputable car scrapping firm

Why it pays to choose a reputable car scrapping company

21st Nov, 2016

Car scrapping has never been easier – simply get yourself online, search “scrap my car” on your search engine of choice, and bam: hundreds of results, with plenty offering great prices in your local area.

But what if things aren’t always what they seem? There are plenty of dodgy dealers in the car scrapping sector, so here’s our guide to avoiding them and staying clear of problems.

Your car needs to be scrapped at an ATF

ford focus scrap car

This is the big rule of car scrapping – using an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) isn’t an option: it’s a legal requirement. Either you scrap your car with an ATF or you risk being prosecuted for using a non-licensed car scrapping company.

If your car is scrapped, you need a CoD

car Certificate of Destruction

If your car is going to be scrapped rather than reused, you’ll need to make sure you get a Certificate of Destruction – or CoD for short – to prove you’ve gone about things legally. Without a CoD, you have no proof what’s happened to your car; if some dodgy dealer sells it on and it’s involved in an accident or crime, you may still be registered as the owner, and that could land you in some seriously hot water.

At Scrap Car Network, we’ll send you your CoD so all your paperwork stays in order. And if your car is suitable for repair and resale, we’ll notify the DVLA on your behalf – less reputable companies might not bother about this stuff, but you’d be the one facing an £80 fine if they didn’t!

It’s illegal to accept cash for your car

money for a car

Because unregistered vehicles are such a huge problem, it’s vital that everything to do with cars and other four-wheeled friends is totally transparent.

Did you know it’s illegal to accept cash for your old car? While many doorstep dealers will try and take your old car off your hands with the minimum of fuss and paperwork, in return for a wad of notes, they’re breaking the law.

Scrap Car Network makes all payments via bank transfer for our protection and yours – in the unlikely event of any issues, it’s easy to see who agreed to what, and when.

Not sure? Ask questions

Any reputable car scrapping company will be happy to answer any of your questions – remember, if a company is reputable, it’s got nothing to hide.

At Scrap Car Network, our friendly team is on hand to talk you through what happens if you say Scrap My Car! with our network of local car scrapping experts – simply click Scrap My Car! for a free, no obligation quote or call 0300 100 0027 to speak with a customer service colleague directly.

We work only with Authorised Treatment Facilities, offering you great local car scrapping service with all the high standards and customer protection processes of a large national organisation – what’s not to like?

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