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How You’re Improving Lives By Choosing Scrap Car Network

26th Apr, 2017

You’ve probably heard about how we support charitable causes here at Scrap Car Network – after all, we’re pretty proud of it! You may be wondering exactly how, though. Well, we work in partnership with our parent organisation, Recycling Lives. We support them in a whole bunch of ways – here’s just a few.

What Does Recycling Lives Do?

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Recycling Lives is a charity who have been nationally recognised for their fantastic works, having twice won the Queen’s Award for enterprise. As a wide-ranging and efficient organisation, it’s the parent company for a number of commercial businesses – for example, us at Scrap Car Network! Each of these businesses are successful companies in their own right, and every month a portion of their profits get funnelled back into Recycling Lives to fund its charitable works. (So just to be absolutely clear: Scrap Car Network and Recycling Lives are separate organisations – we’re just very closely related!)

Amongst its charitable pursuits, Recycling Lives runs a Food Redistribution Centre in partnership with Fareshare. Fareshare is a national charity who saves food otherwise destined for bins and skips; they then pass it to Recycling Lives, which then uses its Redistribution Centre to forward it on to families in need. Using this system, Recycling Lives helps deliver over 10,000 meals a week to families in places like Blackpool, Blackburn, Darwen, Burnley, Accrington and Southport. At Scrap Car Network, we think those are pretty respectable numbers!

Where Does Scrap Car Network Come In?

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We’ve told you before about some of the ways that Recycling Lives helps the homeless, unemployed and ex-offenders in society, helping them to get back on their feet in proper housing and full-time employment.

You can read that blog for more detail, but just to refresh you quickly, Recycling Lives divide their support process into six stages:

  1. Induction And Wellbeing
  2. Personal development
  3. Building a work ethic
  4. Career development
  5. Employment training
  6. Achieving Independence

Scrap Car Network mostly comes in on stage 4 and 5 of this process. We offer training and work placements for residents of the Recycling Lives programme (as well as vulnerable people who’ve come to us by other means). Active, hands-on experience is always a vital part of getting back into full-time employment. Working with us means that not only are these guys getting valuable and up-to-date experience, but also some solid entries to add their CVs, which then helps them in seeking future work.

Once they’re stable and secure, some people use this experience to move on to other full-time employment in other companies, which means we’ve helped do our part to helping their lives get back on track. Others simply become full-time employees at Scrap Car Network, putting their rediscovered talents to good use in scrapping cars.

This is good news for both us at Scrap Car Network, and everyone at Recycling Lives. You see, as we touched on above, we regularly donate a portion of our profits straight to Recycling Lives, helping them to keep up their charitable pursuits with the minimum of funding worries.

You’re Doing Good Just By Choosing Scrap Car Network

And that brings us neatly back to what we can do for you. We scrap your car in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner – as you might be able to tell, our ethics are massively important to us as an organisation! We pride ourselves on providing you with a quality, professional service, and meanwhile you can enjoy it while safe in the knowledge that you’re furthering some fantastic causes.

Can’t wait to get started? We can’t blame you! Just visit our homepage to enter your car reg and postcode, and begin scrapping your car today!

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