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Environment Agency Spearheads Crackdown On Illegal Waste Carriers

13th Nov, 2017

Illegal waste has always been a big problem in our industry, which is why we at Scrap Car Network always ensure that we dispose of ours responsibly. In recent years, this issue has shown no signs of easing off, and in response, the governmental Environment Agency have teamed up with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) to tackle the problem.

What Does This Partnership Mean For The Industry?

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Nothing but good news! The two heads of each organisation have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which essentially means that the agreement is now officially recognised. One of the main ways the Environment Agency and DVLA plan to work together is by sharing various forms of information, and carrying out joint operations together to stop waste from being illegally transported, as well as targeting dangerous drivers and vehicles.

Specifically, amongst the ways they’ll be working together is by:

  • Sharing relevant information and intelligence with each other
  • Identifying ‘high-risk’ or outright illegal goods or vehicle operators
  • Cracking down on the number of seriously and continually unfit waste industry vehicles on our roads

The Environment Agency has stated that there are still plenty of waste carriers (those who buy, transport, sell or dispose of waste) who operate without a licence, which is very much against the law. This is one of the main issues this partnership is planning to tackle. Both the EA and DVLA are also encouraging any company that uses a waste carrier to check that the carrier in question is appropriately licensed, too.

You Can Trust Scrap Car Network!

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We heartily applaud all this here at Scrap Car Network; not only does the collaboration work to make all of us safer from potentially dangerous scrap cars, but it also targets the few illegal operators who routinely damage the image of our entire industry.

To counter that ourselves, we’ve made trust a vital part of how we operate here at Scrap Car Network. Each and every one of our scrap car dealers is an Authorised Treatment Facility, which means it’s been licensed and is continually monitored by the Environment Agency itself. There are few higher guarantees of quality! Plus, if you scrap your car with us, we focus all of our efforts into making that it’s disposed of responsibly, and minimise the amount that goes to landfill. This means stripping it of any parts that might still be useful, and reselling, reusing or repurposing them entirely. We take our commitment to the environment very seriously – and to you, too!

Not only does our process guarantee trust, transparency and efficiency, but we’ve also made sure that it’s as simple and easy as possible for you, too. All you have to do is enter in your postcode and car reg on our website, and you’ll find yourself looking at an instant scrap car quote. From there, it’s a simple matter for us to arrange the collection of your vehicle – and that’s almost all there is to it! Good to know, right?

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