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DVLA reveals the weirdest reasons behind lost V5Cs

5th Nov, 2021

We’ve all heard of dogs eating homework, but what about parrots destroying a V5C? When it comes to lost documents, there are plenty of weird and wacky ways they can go missing – if you can imagine it, it can probably happen! Recently, the DVLA released some of the funniest reasons for lost V5C logs (something you might need if you’re looking into how to scrap my car), and it does not disappoint. Here are our top picks from the lot.

The weirdest reasons people have lost their V5Cs

In case you need a quick refresher on what a V5C (otherwise known as a vehicle registration document, or vehicle logbook) actually is, it’s basically a slip of paper that records information about your car, including the identity of its registered keeper, and when it’s sold or transferred to a new person. It’s a vital document that you’ll need to have with you – but hundreds of thousands of drivers lose them every year.

If you lose your V5C and request a new one, you must log what happened to the previous one. Whilst there are, of course, a lot of normal reasons, the DVLA has received some very odd stories over the years! We’ve already mentioned one: a parrot destroying the logbook, and we’d love to know more about how that happened.

Other incredible reasons include “I wasn’t concentrating and shredded it” – which must have been awful when they realised what had just happened – and “Iit went through the washing machine” from one poor soul who forgot it was in their trousers! 

One of the more exotic cases came from someone travelling across Asia who left the document at a hotel in the Gobi Desert. That one is probably a bit less embarrassing to tell and makes for a great conversation starter.

If you’ve got sneaky grandchildren, you’ll relate to this one. One unfortunate grandparent told the DVLA how their grandchild mistook the V5C for a toy, took it outside, and buried it in the mud. Another saw it blow out of an open window and disappear completely, while one person had the fantastic tale of being bought a car for their birthday only for their kind friend to wrap the car keys in the V5C and rip it up! They had good intentions, but the execution could have done with a little work. 

Last but definitely not least, we have the simple but timeless “My dog ate it”. No points for imagination there, but it’s a classic!

The weirdest reasons people have lost their V5Cs

If you’ve lost your V5C, these crazy stories prove without a doubt that you’re not alone. These are just some of the very best reasons the DVLA released, but there are so many others out there that are a little less bizarre. No matter why you’ve lost yours, the key thing is that you know what to do next. 

The first thing is to report the loss to the DVLA. You can then start the process of getting a replacement quickly. There’s even an online service that allows you to replace a replacement simply, and it’s been used over 800,000 times already! If you’re looking into scrapping your car, you can still do it without a V5C; just take a look at how to here.

As you can see, nothing can hold you back from scrapping your car! At Scrap Car Network, we’ll help you through the process even if you’re missing your V5C. Get started right now by entering your car reg and postcode into the fields on our site, and we’ll have your instant online quote to you before you can say “now where the heck is my V5C…?”

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