5 good reasons to trust in a local scrap facility

5 Good Reasons To Trust In A Local Scrap Car Facility

14th Nov, 2016

While there are plenty of big name car scrapping companies out there, Scrap Car Network does things a little differently.

We work with the best small scrap facilities across the UK to offer all the benefits of local service to our customers, plus the advantages of a nationally recognised organisation.

Here are our top 5 reasons for trusting your local Scrap Car Network scrap facility with your four-wheeled friend!

Competitive car quotes

There’s a lot to be said for small, local car scrapping businesses – not least that they’re often able to offer customers a great deal for an affordable price. At Scrap Car Network, we pride ourselves on our competitive quotes – just one good reason for working with local car recyclers across the UK.

Working with smaller local car scrapping experts means that less money is needed for running and marketing costs (think about how much those big name firms must spend on all that advertising!) which means smaller profit margins, which means more money in your pocket.

Quick collection times

Once we’ve identified the nearest Scrap Car Network collection partner to you, it’s just a question of arranging collection of your scrap car at a time to suit you. And because your collection team will be coming from a nearby location, we can make sure you receive prompt service – and a prompt payment into your bank account afterwards.

Environmentally friendly recycling

When you say Scrap My Car! to Scrap Car Network, we’ll get in touch with our reputable car recycling partner near you. We’ll pick the closest reputable dealer to you, which means fewer vehicles making long distance journeys on the roads with heavy loads – great for reducing congestion on the roads, and pollution in our towns and cities.

Personal service

Lots of us prefer to deal with local experts, whatever we’re shopping around for, and with good reason. Local businesses have usually worked hard to build a name for themselves in their communities, competing against national firms by offering customers that little something extra in terms of personal service.

Plus, all of our local car recycling partners are on board with our code of conduct, which means that you can expect great service wherever you are in the UK.

Support local businesses and people

One of the best things about Scrap Car Network is that, by saying scrap my car! with us, you’re supporting your local economy – small, family businesses that might otherwise be driven off the market by national giants.

Better yet, Scrap Car Network partners are supported by Recycling Lives to offer training, work experience and employment opportunities to people in need. By working with businesses in your area, we’re creating opportunities for employment and regeneration in the neighbourhoods near you.

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