how you are helping people when you scrap your car

How You’re Helping People When You Scrap Your Car

At Scrap Car Network, we’re not just about scrapping cars; we’re also committed to charity causes too. We operate under ...

17th Mar, 2017

the right way to scrap cars dealing with good dealers

Dealing With Reputable Scrap Car Dealers

When you finally decide to scrap your car, you might be a little tentative about the process. We’ve all heard ...

7th Mar, 2017

what to check when buying a replacement for your scrap car

What To Check When Buying A Replacement For Your Scrap Car

So you’ve made the leap. “I’m going to scrap my car.” you’ve decided. It’s likely, then, that you’re already thinking ...

1st Mar, 2017

Telltale signs not to ignore when driving your car

Telltale Signs Not To Ignore When Driving Your Car

We all know our car’s little quirks and habits – and let’s be honest, sometimes we like to think quite ...

28th Feb, 2017

keeping you safe by scrapping your car how crumple zones work

How Crumple Zones Work

The crumple zone is an essential safety feature on cars, and is one of the main things that stops you ...

23rd Feb, 2017

british government announces plans to scrap diesel cars

British Government Announces Plans To Scrap Diesel Cars

The latest in car scrapping news comes fairly left of field. We tend to associate heavy smog with places like ...

21st Feb, 2017

scrap cars lost to history

Scrap Cars Lost To History

We’ve already once talked about famous movie scrap cars, but sometimes the events that befall classic cars aren’t all fictional. ...

16th Feb, 2017

talking scrap what is a category c car

Talking Scrap – What Is A Category C Car?

We all know what the term totalled means; it means a vehicle is wrecked. Done. Finito. But in fact, the ...

14th Feb, 2017

got change how self driving technology is transforming taxis

How Self-Driving Technology Is Transforming Taxis

As we’ve noted before at Scrap Car Network, self-driving vehicles are the next big thing in the motoring industry. All ...

9th Feb, 2017

wheels of justice the quirkiest international driving laws

The Quirkiest International Driving Laws

At Scrap Car Network, our focus is more on scrapping cars than driving them about. But having said that, we ...

7th Feb, 2017

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