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We Answer Your Most Common Scrap Car Questions (Part 2)

7th Aug, 2017

Carrying straight on from our last post, this week we’re once again tackling your most frequently asked questions. Scrapping your car can seem like quite a complicated process on the face of things, but once you peel back a few layers you’ll find that there’s really not that much to it – especially when you’ve got us here at Scrap Car Network to do all the metaphorical heavy lifting for you.

The questions we’re looking at this week are:

  1. How long does it take to remove my car?
  2. What should I get back when I scrap my car?
  3. Do I need to contact the DVLA when you remove my car?
  4. Can I claim back my unused tax and car insurance?
  5. Can I get cash for my car?
  6. How much money can I get for my scrap car?

1. How long does it take to remove my car?

car collection

To kick off with an easy one – not long! It’s generally between five or ten minutes. This is obviously subject to a bit of variation – it might take longer depending on the exact location of your car and how tricky it is to move.

(To speed things up, remember to make your car as easily accessible as possible before our staff arrive. It’s easier all round.)

2. What should I get back when I scrap my car?

certificate of destruction

This is an important question. As well as the money, you’ll also get a Certificate of Destruction. It’s a legal document that releases you from any sort of obligation or association with the car, so it’s crucial to make sure it’s all above board. Note the wording; it’s not a Certificate of Collection, or a Document of Destruction, or a Certification of Recycling. A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) is exactly that, and no variations on that name are legal – so know what one looks like before you scrap your car!

If you don’t receive one, it usually means in the eyes of the law that you’re still responsible for the car. This can mean that best case scenario, you might be stung £80 for road tax from the DVLA in the post. Worst case, your car might be used for something dodgy, and it’ll be you who gets the knock on the door if so!

When you scrap your car with Scrap Car Network, we’ll get your CoD to you within 7 days.

3. Do I need to contact the DVLA when you remove my vehicle?

calling the dvla

Nope – we do that for you as part of the service. That’s part of why a Certificate of Destruction exists; it’s legal proof that we’ve notified the DVLA on your behalf.

If you’ve lost your logbook, you might need to contact the DVLA to replace it. We’ve covered this in more detail Question 4 of Section One, so click here to find out more.

4. Can I claim back my unused tax and car insurance?

car insurance claim back

You can indeed! Once you’ve had your car scrapped at an ATF and you have your CoD in hand, the DVLA will be notified and you’ll be sent any road tax refund you might be entitled to.

As for the insurance side of things, you’ll need to ask your car insurers and let them know your car has been scrapped. They’ll generally give you the option of transferring the funds towards insuring your next vehicle, or giving you a refund, depending what your transport plans are from here.

5. Can I get cash for my car?

bank transfer

Not literally. Since changes to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013, it’s illegal to get cash in hand for your car. It makes the transactions much trickier to track for the relevant authorities, which makes it far easier for a dealer to do what they like (read: possibly something illegal) with your car.

We’ll pay you by bank transfer or cheque via one of our trusted partners, so you can rest assured that everything is above board, and we will scrap your car responsibly.

6. How much can I get for my car?

calculating a price

There are lots of factors that affect this, which makes it difficult to answer in one sweeping motion. Luckily though, we’ve got good news – our website has a facility to give you an instant online quote instead. All you have to do is fill in your car registration and postcode, and within seconds you’ll be looking at your quote. From there, it’s a simple matter to make a booking, and then you’re well on your way to scrapping your car.

Enter your details here to get started, or check out anything not covered here in our FAQ section.

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