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Scrapping your car in Portsmouth – providing the best service at the best price with a minimum amount of stress

We’re on a mission at Scrap Car Network. A mission to scrap your car while giving you the best price, a reliable service and all at the minimum amount of hassle for you, the customer. We’ve been going for over 40 years and so far, we’re doing pretty well with that mission. If it was made into a film franchise, it would be called something like Mission Entirely Possible: Mostly Due To The Unique Structure Of The Business And Its Many Other USPs. We’re not entirely sure who would watch it.

Hopefully, though, it would pique your interest on how exactly it is that consistently deliver such a service to you. You need only read on to find out!

Why use us?

When it comes to car scrapping we offer the best prices
We ensure that your car is either reused or recycled
We provide FREE collection of scrap cars
We process and provide official paperwork for you

Our huge Scrap Car Network is at your disposal – wherever you happen to live in Portsmouth

We’re pretty proud of our network, though we do say so ourselves. It spans across the UK, making it one of the biggest of its kind, and is purely made up of Authorised Treatment Facilities – which means only those who have been approved and certified by the governmental Environment Agency, allowing us to guarantee reliability and quality at all times. What’s more, our personal relationships with each of these dealers means that you can trust us to get the best deal for you.

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A quick aside about our charitable works – thanks for helping out!

The Scrap Car Network is partnered with Recycling Lives; an award winning charity. Scrap Car Network supports Recycling Lives by training and employing ex-offenders and formerly homeless people, as well as supporting and sustaining charity through donations of time, resource and money – and a portion of our profits regularly goes straight to them.

Meanwhile, we’re similar passionate about our environment – we examine any incoming cars for intact parts to be repurposed, resold or reused. What’s left is then disposed of carefully in an environmentally friendly manner, minimising the waste in our landfill sites.

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Key Stats

5000 cars de-polluted this month
Over 20 car transports on the road

Raring to go? We know the feeling. Scrap your car today!

It’s a simple process to get started – which makes sense, since we designed it that way! All you need to do is enter your car registration and postcode into our website, and within mere seconds you’ll be looking at the best cash price for your old car. From there, we’ll quickly discuss with you when’s the best time for us to come and pick up your car. Once we’re in the driver’s seat, we’ll finalise payment and that’s your part done! We’ll take care of it from here, and you can get to counting all the extra cash in your bank account. (Though we hear the bank does it for you nowadays, which is always handy.)

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